A young woman walked up to the 40 Days for Life vigil outside an abortion center in Austin, Texas recently. She signed up to join the others in prayer … and then immediately sat down on the sidewalk and started to cry. One of the volunteers stopped praying for a moment to approach the young woman, whom she had never met before, and asked her if she needed a hug. This volunteer assumed that the thought of what was going on inside the abortion facility had simply overcome this woman and brought her to tears. But that wasn’t the case. To her surprise, she found out this young woman was crying for another reason. “I’m pregnant right now and don’t want to be,” she said. “I’ve already had four abortions. She said she didn’t have an abortion scheduled. “But I keep feeling this huge temptation to just go to an abortion clinic, pay my $400 and get it over with. I came to the sidewalk to pray, and to be around people who are like-minded as I am.” The young woman told one of the sidewalk counselors that she was twelve weeks into her pregnancy. She had already been to a pregnancy resource center, but was still a mess emotionally. She had become a Christian, she said. “But with this pregnancy, I just feel so depressed. I’m living in a women’s shelter, and the last thing I want right now is to be pregnant.” The sidewalk counselor took her to dinner, and they sat and talked for hours. “As they developed a long- term plan to get this young woman the help she needs,” said Elizabeth McClung, the local 40 Days for Life coordinator in Austin, “she said something that should serve as an encouragement to every single pro-lifer who has ever thought about going to pray at an abortion facility.” “If you guys weren’t out there praying,” this woman said, “I would have pulled up to the facility, sat in my car for hours on end — and ended up going inside for a fifth abortion. Since you were on the sidewalk praying, I knew I could find comfort and support there, so I went there to cry instead. Thank you for being there.” “Her story is the perfect example as to why we not only pray from home and from church, but we also go pray at the very places where lives are being hurt and taken,” Elizabeth said. She is now on a path to healing from her previous abortions, finding a job and taking her pregnancy one day at a time. And, Elizabeth said, “She is not going to have another abortion!” Please pray for her, and for all who are desperate to break out of that cycle of abortion.

Sharon Echols, co-coordinator of Silent No More Awareness of Missouri and Kansas, will share her testimony about healing after abortion at St Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Milton.  She will give her testimony after the prayer after communion, as the first announcement, at all Masses this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, March 6th and 7th).

Weekend Mass times:  Saturday 5:15 PM and Sunday 8:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 5:15 PM

St Rose of Lima is located at 6451 Park Avenue in Milton.

From the 40 Days for Life national website…

I am so happy to hear that the abortion center in Pensacola has closed. I witnessed an abortion take place at a Pensacola abortion center. I think it was this same abortion center that just closed, though I’m not absolutely certain.

I was with my confused girlfriend at the time, who I thought wasn’t going to go through with the abortion. I tried to talk her out of this horrible procedure, and I thought that in the end she would open her heart and her eyes to see that abortion was not the answer. I prayed for her daily, and tried to talk her out of it. After all of this she still went through with the procedure, which I know she deeply regrets.

I know she wishes she hadn’t done this, because just a month or so later she was talking about trying to have another baby… I’m still praying for her, and all the other men and women who are confused and think that abortion is the best solution. It is not, it truly is not.

Great news everyone –  TWO babies were saved Friday morning!!!  Here is the story:  A young woman walked into the abortion clinic and then came back out crying.  She walked over to where the pro-lifers were and asked if she could borrow someone’s cell phone.  She said that she couldn’t go through with it and called her dad to pick her up.  She told the pro-lifers she was pregnant with twins!  This is wonderful news :D I can’t express how uplifting and joyful it is to be out there and see all the sadness going on- but then to hear such joyful triumph of life over death.  A young woman chose life- she chose courage- and she will be greatly blessed for this.

Please continue to keep her and other mothers in your prayers.