This amazing poem was written by one of our newest pro-life members after one of our banquet planning meetings a few weeks ago.

The Silent Plea
By: Deanna F

Mine is the voice of one ever quiet it seems,
But I also share in your thoughts, hopes, and dreams.

I can hear every whisper and the sounds all around.
I can even tell when your feet are touching the ground.

I can understand who you are though you haven’t met me,
And my heart beats like yours in the Master’s proud Symphony.

I think of all I’ll get to see, feel, and hear in your embrace,
And I’m certain you’ll be glad too with just one glance at my Face.

Mom and dad, I’m waiting to meet you and to share with you My voice…
If you’d only give me the chance to live like you as my choice.

If Only for a Moment (a poem of healing)

They didn’t tell me you had a beating heart; they told me you were a mass of tissue.

They didn’t tell me I would cry for you 24-years later, they told me it was nothing-you were nothing.

The room was cold-so-so cold.

Just relax, they said, there’s nothing to it.

Staring in silence-screaming inside with no place to hide, nowhere to run.

Relax I say, soon you will be out having fun. Life went on-for me that is.

Would it matter if I told you your father and I married?

Is that any consolation? How many pregnancies, how many live births?

The question stings, I wonder if acid would soothe the burn.

Then one day I heard your sister’s heartbeat for the very first time;

You were just her age when yours beat for the very last time.

What have I done? In an instant, you were real.

Would it make a difference if I told you I mourn for you still?

My Lord is gracious, forgiving and kind He took you in His arms when I chose not to hold you in mine.

One hope I hold dear to my heart; that my Lord Jesus would grant me one wish-one delight.

To hold you in my arms if only for a moment and feel the love of both of you.