Pro-Life Freedom Rides Campaign

Birmingham, AL & Atlanta, GA

Friday, July 23& Saturday 24th 2010

“My Uncle Martin had a dream that Protestants and Catholics and Gentiles and Jews would join together and sing the age old spiritual ‘Free at Last,’” stated Dr. Alveda King.  We will be singing and praying on the Pro-life Freedom Rides. We urge all people of good will to join us as we link the Civil Rights Movement of the 20th Century to the heart cry for life in the 21st Century.”

Friday, July 23

7pmCST: Rally (Assembly/Concert) at Birmingham Jefferson County Convention Complex (BJCC) Theatre 205.458.8400 /

2100 Richard Arrington Blvd. N Birmingham, AL 35203


205.324.5000 ∙

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Saturday, July 24

9amCST: Prayer Vigil at Killing Center. Planned Parenthood: 1211 27th Place South, Birmingham, AL 35205

11:30amCST: Pro-Life Freedom Ride Campaign Caravan

Departs Birmingham for The King Center

450 Auburn Ave. NE Atlanta, Georgia 30312

4pm (EST) – Pro-life Service at the tomb of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at

The King Center in Atlanta 404.526-8900


“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Today marks the end of the first 20 days of 40 Days for Life.  We just want to pause and take the time to thank you for NOT BEING SILENT.  Thank you for being a VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS at the Community Healthcare Center of Pensacola abortion facility!  LIVES ARE BEING SAVED, by your peaceful prayerful presence!                                                God is SO GOOD, ALWAYS!

During just these first 20 days of 40 Days for Life we have far exceeded our hopes of bringing one more new pro-lifer into the fold, saving  just one life from abortion, sparing just one mom and dad from a lifetime of regret from abortion. Four babies so far have been saved from abortion, that we know of.  That’s four moms and four dad’s who will not mourn the death of their preborn baby.  We have had many, many new pro-lifers who have never before come out and prayed at an abortion facility, come out and pray and witness the life saving impact of peaceful, prayerful presence at the Community Healthcare Center of Pensacola abortion facility.   Jesus ALWAYS exceeds our earnest petitions.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS!  There are four people alive today because you got our of your comfort zone and stood in vigil to end abortion!   Just like those who stood up for the Jews and all those going to the death camps in WWII, you stand up for LIFE when a great holocaust is taking place in our city.   Your witness proclaims so loudly to all that God is working great life saving miracles in our midst.

Let us not forget those children who have also died at the hands of the abortionists in our city during 40 Days for Life.  Our faith teaches us that they are now with Jesus and as James Pinto says, someday we will meet them face to face and they will say to Jesus, I know him, I know her, HE WAS THERE, SHE WAS THERE.                                                                      They will remember you!

May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to use our meager hands and feet, in peaceful presence during these 40 Days for Life to end abortion in Pensacola!