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It’s the first Monday of this 40 Days for Life.

And Monday is the day when we report to you on lives that have been saved from abortion thus far during this campaign … but first I have a special surprise for you!

You can instantly download the “Day 6″ chapter of the brand-new 40 Days for Life book (in PDF format) — FREE!

The chapter tells the riveting story of a life saved from abortion at the last possible second — and is the chapter about which we’ve received the most positive feedback. It will bless the start of your week!

Every life saved through 40 Days for Life is due to two things:

  1. The grace of God
  2. The faithfulness of His people

And the “Day 6″ chapter reveals that powerfully. Enjoy!

Now, here’s the report on some of the 47 lives saved thus far — that we know of — during this campaign.

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We always like to start Monday mornings with good news … and on the first Monday of this campaign, there’s actually GREAT news!

So far since last Wednesday when the campaign started,
we have reports of 51 babies saved … that we know of!

Originally posted on 40DaysForLife.com

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