For those that attended the 40 Days for Life Kick-Off in Pensacola, they were able to hear April’s testimony.  April, for the first time publicly shared the pain and grief she experienced after her abortion. She also spoke about the healing from Jesus Christ she received during her recent Rachel’s Vineyard retreat. Her emotional testimony did not leave a dry eye in the building after she read a letter to her son, her son she lost to abortion at the age of 19.

This past Tuesday was the first time April stood in front of the abortion facility in Pensacola on an abortion day. From 6 AM until 12 noon she stood, at times during a major rainstorm, with a sign that read, “In 1995, I made a mistake. Don’t make the same mistake. I miss my baby.” God used April this past Tuesday, as she humbled herself in prayer, to tug at the hearts and minds of three women. On a Tuesday, a day that has typically been one of the busiest abortion days over the past few months in Pensacola, hearts and minds were being changed this by the grace of God through April’s witness.

One of the turn-a-rounds occurred when April was able to interact with a friend of a young woman who was scheduled to have an abortion. April found out the young woman lived in the same county she did. She was able to speak with the young mother through her friend and provide her information regarding the wonderful pregnancy help center available to her. The young mother had no idea that she had other alternatives available to her, she felt she had “no choice.” April replied, “I thought the same thing too when I was nineteen and I ultimately made the wrong choice.” As the women drove away, April was able to hand a business card to the local pregnancy help center. April offered the young mother words of encouragement, “You can do this. You are stronger than you think.”

The witness of a post-abortive parent standing in front of an abortion facility is one of the most undeniably powerful witnesses to the truth that abortion hurts men and women. Thank you, April for your courage. We LOVE you!

One of the other change of hearts, occurred when a couple praying in front of the abortion facility recognized a couple from a local church. They were able to speak with them and provide them information about help available to them. After they prayed together, the couple drove away. Praise be to God!

In addition to these three miracles on Tuesday, one of the mothers who chose life during last fall’s 40 Days for Life in Pensacola, came out to pray with us. She wanted to say thank you to everyone for their support. She wanted to witness to the mothers at the abortion facility, that there is real help accessible to them.

Then to top it all off, yesterday, we had an abortion facility worker QUIT their job. She drove by the vigil participants, rolled down her window, and proclaimed, “Wahoo! I just quit!”

Wow! We are off to an amazing start in Pensacola. In just eight (8) days we have witnessed four mothers choose life (one save this past Friday) and one abortion facility worker quit. All glory and honor goes to God! Thank you to all those that have come out to pray, especially West Florida Baptist, which covered 12 hours this past Tuesday! We have 33 more days to go. We need you to keep coming out to pray. Hearts and minds are being changed. Through God’s grace and your prayerful witness, Pensacola will soon be abortion free!