Last Saturday’s message dealt with the presence of
children at 40 Days for Life prayer vigils, and how
some people question the idea of having children pray
outside the abortion centers. As always, the Holy
Spirit has provided the final word: Bring the kids!

Ernie and Mary Beth are the coordinators of 40 Days
for Life in Pensacola, Florida. And wherever you see
Ernie and Mary Beth, you see their four children. And
of course, they were at the abortion facility this
past Saturday — the day that our e-mail message was
about children praying at the vigils.

The first good sign on this very windy day in
Pensacola was the fact that the abortion center’s
parking lot was half empty. It’s usually jam-packed.
So that means fewer abortion appointments.

Before the day was over, FIVE MOTHERS decided to
reject abortion and spare their children!

In one instance, a group of women drove up in two cars.
One got out, turned towards the vigil participants and
asked, “Why do you have children out here?”

Ernie replied, “They are here praying for you and to
remind everyone that children are a wonderful gift.”
She stomped away.

Just a minute later, one of the women from this group
drove away — very angry. The others from the first
car came out the front door with a woman who had been
inside the abortion facility.

Ernie said that’s another good sign. “Anyone that
comes out the front door has NOT had an abortion.”

The same woman who questioned the presence of the
children did so again: “Why don’t you get these kids
away from here?”

Ernie answered, “We love you! We are here praying for
you and your friends.”

As they drove out, the young woman who had left the
abortion facility gave a big thumbs-up outside her
open window. She had indeed chosen life!

“This spring, my four children, who have been with us
every day during all four 40 Days for Life campaigns
in Pensacola, have begun to understand the importance
of prayer in front of the abortion facility,” Ernie
said. “My two oldest — 8 and 6 — have really been
praying a lot this spring with us.”

It was Ernie’s children that the angry woman was
complaining about. And it’s no wonder. The children’s
prayers may have made a world of difference to that
young mother who left the abortion center, determined
to let her own child live.

“I believe my children were used by the Holy Spirit to
change this woman’s mind,” he said. “Children do have
a tremendous impact on the mothers and fathers that
enter abortion facilities. Thank you, God, for the
wonderful gifts you have given me in my life — my
wonderful children and wife. I am so proud of them all!”

Today’s devotional is from Rev. Clenard Childress of
Life Education and Resources Network.



Let us pray that pastors may not be distracted from
the priority of caring for human lives.


In those days, when the number of the disciples was
multiplying, there arose a complaint against the
Hebrews by the Hellenists, because their widows were
neglected in the daily distribution.

— Acts 6:1


More folks learning left some yearning.

It is the dawning of a new day. There is much
excitement in Jerusalem. Many who dedicated themselves
to the faith became disciples (the word disciple means

The unprecedented church growth was miraculous and
undoubtedly brought much satisfaction to the new
leadership. The apostles, however, were about to
experience growing pains in their master plan of

Projects that engage the community, especially those
that are evangelistic in nature, are high on the list
of priorities for every duty-bound pastor.

Church attendance is a constant concern for every
pastor and often his or her worth is measured by it.
Unfortunately, just as the original twelve pastors in
Acts, they can be so focused on getting people in that
they inadvertently end up pushing some people out.

Murmuring is a deplorable deterrent to a harmonious
fellowship, yet God used it to get the disciples
attention. Those that needed daily attention due to
their age and social status were being neglected.

This neglect of the Hellenist widows during the daily
distribution of food was causing undue grief and
needed to be corrected by the leadership. By God’s
grace the problem was dealt with, but the lesson

And during these 40 days, let us pray that today’s
church not make the same mistake of forgetting the
contributions of our seniors, or the needs of the
weakest among us, the unborn.


Father, in the Church’s desire to engage our
communities with the Gospel let her not disengage from
those who need their care and company the most.

Let us gain wisdom from those who have gone before us
and cherish their experiences and perspectives. Help
us to appreciate every soul in the body of Christ and
minister properly to everybody. Amen.

Come pray in front of the AMS of Pensacola, 6115 Village Oaks Drive from 6:30 AM until 3 PM.

Prayer intention today:  That mothers and fathers that are thinking about aborting their children, will change their mind and CHOOSE LIFE!  We pray to the Lord.

Join us!  Lives are depending upon you!  40 Days for Life is NOT about praying at home.  40 Days for Life is about praying in front of local abortion facilities (in our city, AMS of Pensacola).  We are there to peacefully pray!

Be not afraid and stand vigil in solidarity for the unborn and their parents!

Early Sunday morning, local coordinator Ernie Cyr
sent out an urgent message to 40 Days for Life
volunteers in Pensacola, Florida. He had just found
out that abortions were taking place at the city’s
only abortion facility. Yes, on the Lord’s day.

Ernie’s request for prayer volunteers at the 40 Days
for Life vigil was quickly answered.

It would soon become apparent that their prayers were
being answered as well.

A woman drove up and told the vigil participants,
“I called my sister and convinced her not to have
an abortion!”

It wasn’t easy — her sister was already inside the
building. The woman got on the phone and tried to
speak to her sister, but the abortion facility staff
refused to let her take the call.

Finally, the woman told the center’s staff it was an
emergency and she MUST speak to her sister URGENTLY.
The staff reluctantly permitted them to talk. The woman
explained to her sister that there were far better
options than ending the life of her unborn child.

She listened … and called off the abortion.

The woman then went into the building, came out with
her sister and returned to the pro-life volunteers.

“When the young mother came out she looked dazed and
confused,” said Ernie, “like the weight of the world
was upon her shoulders.”

She was still very much in shock after almost aborting
her child. “It was so terrible in there,” she said.
“The noise in that place was awful.”

A counselor from a pro-life pregnancy center was able
to tell her about the free resources and free medical
services that would be available throughout her
pregnancy, as well as community services that can
assist her until her child is ready to start school.

Ernie asked if she was able to get her money back.
“She said she paid $525 for the abortion but they
would only give her back $300 or so, so I told her
that the pro-life community in Pensacola is absolutely
behind her.” He’s already started a collection.

“I told her all will be well because she just made a
life-giving decision,” he said. “God has put the
pro-life community in Pensacola behind this woman.
And we will not fail her!”

Fantastic report! But guess what? There’s more!

“There were six — yes, six — other mothers that
chose life for their babies,” Ernie said. “Praise
God! Women were absolutely fleeing the abortion
facility today!”

Ernie called it a “slam dunk miracle.”

“So come on out and pray in front of the abortion
facility every chance you get,” he said. “Jesus is
really, really using us to save lives!”

Today’s devotional is from Carmen Pate, a member of
the 40 Days for Life board of directors.



Pray that the abortionists and all workers in
abortion facilities would be troubled in their
souls regarding their work and would seek truth.


Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamor,
and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all
malice. And be kind one to another, tenderhearted,
forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake
has forgiven you.

— Ephesians 4:31-32

REFLECTION by Carmen Pate, 40 Days for Life

We see the evil and oppression in the world, the
arrogance of those who mock God, the millions of
innocent lives destroyed because of the greed of a

Our flesh tells us that we should take justice in our
own hands, but instead of vengeance, the Lord calls us
to love our enemy, to forgive others as we have been

God loves the abortionist and the Planned Parenthood
advocate just as much as He loves you.

It breaks His heart to see them in bondage to sin and
He is giving you this opportunity to introduce them to
the Savior who sets the captive free.

Though you may not experience direct interaction with
these souls, your presence will not go unnoticed. Your
non-verbal communications speak volumes about the God
you serve.

Forgiveness is an act of obedience to God (Colossians
3:13). Forgiveness is not condoning or overlooking the
wrong behavior of others, but rather it is freeing
ourselves so that God can work mightily through us to
touch their hearts for Him.

Let’s join our hearts with His in recognizing that
those in the abortion industry are not the enemy, but
rather they are blinded by the enemy.

God desires that we bring them the message of truth
and hope found in Christ, but the messengers He will
use are those willing to forgive.


Dearest God, You tell us in Proverbs that the foolish
and the wicked lack wisdom and understanding. I pray
you will trouble the souls of those in the abortion
industry so that they hunger for truth and cry out for

I pray that my life would reflect my redemption so
others may see it and trust in You. In obedience to
You, and by your grace, I choose to forgive others as
you have forgiven me. In the name of Christ my
Redeemer I pray, Amen.

We were praying outside the AMS of Pensacola abortion facility a little after noon time today and an amazing miracle occurred.  A young woman drove by and opened her window and told us, “I called my sister and convinced her not to have an abortion.”  We told her praise God, is there anything we can do to help her.  We told her we have a counselor from the Alpha Center (PROVIDENCE!!) and she could speak with her and get her resources she needs.  So she did.  She went in and got her sister out and they came out to talk with us.  When the young mother came out she looked dazed and confused, like the weight of the world was upon her shoulders.  Her sister told us, “I called the abortion facility and asked to speak with my sister and they would not let me speak with her.”  So I called back again and told them that I had an emergency with her little child at home and needed to get in touch with her right away.”

Finally they put her on the phone.  She talked to her and convinced her not to abort her baby.”   The young mother, still very much in shock after almost aborting her child told us, ”  It was so terrible in there, the noise in the place was awful.” (One can only imagine that this must have been the sound of the suction vacuum machines in all the rooms running.)  There were so many abortions taking place from 6am till 4pm today.  God save us!

As Jesus and our Blessed Mother would have it we had a counselor from the Alpha Center on hand, she had just arrived to the prayer vigil moments before.  This counselor was PROVIDENTIAL, as she not only knew about all the resources and medical assistance available for this woman at no charge, but she also spoke in the woman’s native tongue, spanish.  The Alpha Center counselor set up an appointment with her right away and told her about all the people she could set her up with to help her through her pregnancy and until her child is 5 years of age.  She really set the mother at ease.  She told her, “DON’T WORRY,  OUR LADY IS WITH YOU AND WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, ALL WILL BE GREAT NOW!”  She told her, ” DO NOT WORRY, JESUS AND OUR LADY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU BOTH.”

I asked her if she was able to get her money back and she said she paid $525 for the abortion but they would only give her back $300 or so, so I told her that the pro-life community in Pensacola is ABSOLUTELY BEHIND HER.  I told her all will be well because she just made a life-giving decision.  God will provide and he will make a way for this child.  I know this because God has put the pro-life community in Pensacola behind this woman!  AND WE WILL NOT FAIL  HER!

Tuesday I will present her with $500 on behalf of the pro-life community in Pensacola, when she goes to the Alpha Center.  I ask all in the pro-life community to help us help this mom in need.  Please send checks to:

Life Inc. ,  P.O. Box 2171, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32549

In the memo line please write “40 Days for Life & Feb 21, 2010”  and we will know that the donation needs to go to her directly.

I have also been in touch with a local pro-life Ob/Gyn and she may go and see her baby by ultrasound this week.  She told us she was 10 weeks along and we gave her a precious feet pin that shows the size of her little baby’s feet, so that she could see what her baby looks like.  She and her sister both put the pins on their shirts before they left.


I could go on writing to you forever, but let me just tell you that God is SO GOOD!   In addition to this one woman’s story there were 6, YES SIX,  other mothers today that chose life for their babies!  PRAISE GOD!!  Although we did not get to talk to them each directly.  It was great to see the thumb’s up symbol and smiles of those turning away from abortion and choosing life for their children and themselves.  MOTHERS WERE ABSOLUTELY FLEEING THE ABORTION FACILITY TODAY.  IT WAS AN OVERALL COMPLETE “DIVINE MERCY” SLAM DUNK    M I R A C L E !!!!!!

And I don’t understand how anyone could want to miss out on all these G R A C E S and M I R A C L E S!  So come on out and pray in front of the abortion facility every chance you get, Jesus is REALLY, REALLY USING US TO SAVE LIVES!!




Please see the attached flyer which can be used to promote 40 Days for Life around the Pensacola area. This can be placed in church bulletins, handed out after church services, placed on cars in parking lots, used for door to door campaigns in local neighborhoods, placed on community boards, or used to make church announcements.

We hope you will use this flyer to help spread the word about 40 Days for Life throughout the greater Pensacola community!

Simply click the links below the flyer to download it.

[gview file=””]

Download (MS-DOC, 1MB) (right-click –> Save As)


There will be a Novena of Masses for the Closing of the AMS of Pensacola abortion facility February 18-February 26.

Below you will find the Novena of Masses scheduled as well as a prayer for the closing of the AMS of Pensacola abortion facility.

As we witnessed after the Novena of Masses for the Closing of an Abortion Facility last Fall, many lives were saved, and the Community Healthcare Center of Pensacola abortion facility closed due to the efficacious power of this Novena of Masses.

May Our Lady and The Divine Mercy be pleased by this Novena of Masses and hear the prayers of these Holy Masses to save many pre-born babies from abortion and spare mom’s and dad’s from a lifetime of regret from abortion.             In Christ’s Name We Pray.


  • February 18, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart 6:30am
  • February 19, St. Ann, Gulf Breeze 8:30am
  • February 20, Little Flower 8:15am
  • February 21,  St. Stephen (all Sunday Masses)
  • February 22,  St. Michael 12:10pm
  • February 23, Corpus Christi 8:00am
  • February 24, St. Rose of Lima 7:00pm
  • February 25, St. Anne Bellview 8:00am
  • February 26, St. Jude Thaddeus, Cantonment 8:30am

You can also view all upcoming 40 Days for Life events on our events page.

Six months later the 9th Avenue abortion facility closed! Praise God! One more abortion facility stands, that being AMS of Pensacola. Join us on February 17th through March 28th, as we begin the spring 40 Days for Life campaign. We will pray for an end to abortion in Pensacola in front of AMS of Pensacola. God answered our prayers last fall! We cannot wait to see what God has in store for us this spring! May the Peace of Christ be with you!

Watch this video from David Bereit, the National Director of 40 Days for Life. We hope this video inspires you to get involved in 40 Days for Life. We saw the fruits of prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil last fall with the closure of the Community Healthcare Center of Pensacola! We need your involvement this spring as 40 Days for Life starts on February 17 through March 28. Stand with us in prayer as we pray in front of Pensacola’s last remaining abortion facility, AMS of Pensacola. Join us, as we pray for God’s miracle, to make Pensacola an abortion free community! To join us in prayer, go to the vigil calendar and sign up for whatever time you feel you can commit to 40 Days for Life. May the Peace of Christ be with you!

From February 17- March 28, 2010, Pensacola will kick off our first  Spring 40 Days for Life campaign!  We were so blessed to witness the power and effectiveness of prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil in the closure of the Community Healthcare Center of Pensacola abortion facility last fall!  And now,  once again, with one abortion facility remaining in Pensacola,  we will PRAY, we will FAST, and we will PEACEFULLY STAND VIGIL  this time, at the AMS of Pensacola abortion facility and declare the end of abortion in Pensacola.  Join us and bear witness to the many miracles God has planned for 40 Days for Life Pensacola SPRING 2010.