This is who we represent when we pray in front of abortion facilities. We go to remember the lives destroyed by abortion. We go to in PEACE to tell the world that these children and all LIFE has value. Their lives are not forgotten. Lord have mercy on us all!
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Friday, Sept 18, Saturday, Sept 19, and Sunday September 20 from 1-3 PM 40 Days for Life will be taking to the streets around Pensacola spreading the word to our community about the life saving impact of 40 Days for Life Sept 23 through Nov 1. We need VOLUNTEERS!
Please email us and let us know which day(s) you will be available to join the 40 Days for Life COMMUNITY OUTREACH TEAM in spreading the word about 40 Days for Life PENSACOLA!!
Let’s make our community aware of the lives that can be saved from abortion through 40 days of prayer and fasting, 40 days of peaceful vigil, and 40 days of community outreach!

The third annual 40 Days for Life campaign will commence on September 23rd here in Pensacola as we join 212 other cities around the country and the world!  We have had an amazing local response to 40 Days for Life.  Each day more and more people are signing up to be part of our local campaign.  Just the other day we had another church sign up to take a day (24 hours) to pray in front of the 9th Avenue abortion facility.  Praise God!  Please let us know if you are working with your church and if there are plans to take a day or a block of time to pray in front of the 9th Avenue abortion facility.  E-mail us.

If you haven’t already, this week, set up an appointment to meet with your pastor to get your church involved with 40 Days for Life.  Please e-mail us if you have any questions.

Send information about 40 Days for Life to all your friends.  E-mail, Facebook, twitter, and any blogs you may have are great places to share information with others about the local 40 Days for Life campaign.  Ask to speak about 40 Days for Life this Sunday at the end of your church service.

Most importantly over the next few weeks we need each and every one of you to pray and fast for the success of this campaign.

Also, please join us this Friday, in front of the 9th Avenue abortion facility, Community Health Care Center of Pensacola, 6770 North 9th Avenue, as we pray there every Friday morning when abortions take place.  Each week here in Pensacola, on average 50 children lose their life in the name of choice.  We hope to see you this Friday between the hours of 5 AM and 12 PM.

The foundation of 40 Days for Life is prayer and fasting (health permitting).  This is coupled with peaceful witness in front of Community Health Care Center of Pensacola.

The visible, public centerpiece of 40 Days for Life is a 40-day, round-the-clock prayer vigil outside a Planned Parenthood center or other abortion facility in your community. Those who are called to stand witness maintain a PEACEFUL, PRAYERFUL, MERCIFUL and educational presence.

Talking Abortion

In my role as national director of Priests for Life, I have preached on abortion every day throughout the fifty states. I’ve gotten thousands of reactions over the last several years. These are typical:

“Father I came into this church this morning being totally pro-abortion, and the homily changed my views completely.”

“Father I had an abortion, and sometimes it hurts to hear about it, but please keep up the preaching! I know the homilies will keep some other woman from ever going through what I have gone through from the abortion itself.”

“Hi! I’d like to begin this letter by thanking you for last week’s homily. I was deeply moved and so was my younger brother. I’m 17 and he’s 12. We did not fully understand what goes on in abortion till your homily.”

How do we preach on abortion? What are we trying to accomplish? How do we awaken our people to this immense evil? How do we handle reactions of anger and disagreement? Most importantly: Where are our people on abortion?

Time:  2:30PM Wednesday, September 2nd
Location:  UWF Commons Lounge- in front of the Help Desk

If you are on Facebook, find more information at 40 Days for Life at UWF.
We’re bringing awareness and opportunity to UWF
The event will be held for the benefit of all UWF students. It will be an awareness event for all people who may want to take part in 40 Days for Life. 40 Days for Life is a peaceful prayerful event open to people of all faiths to pray for an end to abortion. We will have some wonderful speakers to talk more about 40 Days for Life and other resources students can make use of to their own benefit. This event is all about opening up resources, information, care and support to students who need it. We will have freebies, food, t-shirts for sale, a sign up sheet for those interested in participating in 40 Days for Life, as well as a booth for those interested in the “new” UWF Students for Life group. We hope to see you there- even if you can stop by only for a short while!

Pro-Life Examination of Conscience

Questions to help me defend life more effectively

Rev. Frank A. Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Am I fully convinced that every abortion, at every stage of pregnancy, is the destruction of an innocent human life, which has the same value as my life, my parents? lives, my children’s lives? Do I foster and nourish this conviction by reflecting often on the tragic loss of life occurring daily around me? Do I ever allow myself the thought that someone else’s abortion is “none of my business?” Do I sometimes think that I have “more important” things to do than to save innocent lives? Do I believe I am responsible for my preborn brothers and sisters and accountable to God for what I do to save them? Do I have the courage to remind myself of the horror of abortion by actually looking at the pictures of aborted babies?

Sing A Little Louder

by Penny Lea

The following words were spoken to me by an old man a few years ago following a message that I delivered at a large church on the east coast.

“I lived in Germany during the Nazi Holocaust. I considered myself a Christian. I attended a church since I was a small boy. We had heard the stories of what was happening to the Jews; but like most people today in this country, we tried to distance ourselves from the reality of what was really taking place. What could anyone do to stop it?

“Unless you are willing to do the ridiculous.  God will not do the miraculous.”  Mother Angelica
For most, the thought of praying in front of an abortion facility, seems ridiculous.  I know that was my first response, but over the past two years I have seen God perform miracles, because a small number of people humbled themselves, and prayed for the conversion of hearts, God saved lives.
Please take time this fall, to peacefully witness to our community in prayer in front of Community Health Care Center of Pensacola (6770 North 9th Avenue).
To sign up for vigil hours go to the following link: