Join us this Sunday (Respect Life Sunday), October 4th, from 7 – 8 PM for a candlelight vigil as we pray in front of the Community Healthcare Center of Pensacola (6770 North 9th Avenue).  The special intention for this vigil is for the conversion of the hearts and minds of the abortionists, staff, and volunteers of the two abortion facilities in Pensacola.  We pray that they might come to know the LORD OF LIFE, Jesus Christ.  Help bring the light of Christ to the darkness that these poor souls work in each day at the Community Healthcare Center of Pensacola and AMS of Pensacola abortion facilities.

Here is the first hand account about the mother who chose life today!  Praise God!

Great story to share with you from today after you and your family left. Do you remember the white Acura that pulled into the abortion clinic today (the one with the older woman driving who flipped us the finger as she drove past us with a young girl in the passenger seat)? Well later that morning, as I was saying a rosary on the sidewalk facing the street and not the clinic, the white Acura pulled out from the abortion clinic. For some reason I looked up from my prayer and saw the car pulling out. I immediately made eye contact with the young girl and gave her a compassionate look and blessed her with a sign of the cross as she was driving by. Her eyes immediately lit up and she smiled at me. Looking back at me she was happily patting her tummy and mouthed the words “I kept my baby!” as they drove away. I fist pumped a “yes!” in the middle of the rosary and startled others praying with me who asked what happened. I told them and we were so happy! It made all the time we collectively spent at the clinic today well worth while. She looked to be about 17, unfortunately she was the only happy face we saw leave the clinic today. I can’t begin to imagine the courage she showed inside the clinic today, especially with the pressure I’m sure she received from the “Driver” of the car and the clinic. God Bless, and another baby saved!!

The power of prayer!  The power of community witness!  All the more reason to go and peacefully pray, fast, and stand as a witness for life!  What are you waiting for?  Lives are depending on you.

May the peace of Christ be with you!

Today, many vigil participants witnessed a young woman, accompanied by her angry mother, walk out of the 9th avenue mill to save the life of her baby!  The young woman passed by the 40 Days for Life prayer volunteers with a big smile.  She stated she was keeping her baby!  Praise God!  Keep up the prayers.  Keep going to the 9th Avenue mill in prayer.  Miracles are happening.

If Only for a Moment (a poem of healing)

They didn’t tell me you had a beating heart; they told me you were a mass of tissue.

They didn’t tell me I would cry for you 24-years later, they told me it was nothing-you were nothing.

The room was cold-so-so cold.

Just relax, they said, there’s nothing to it.

Staring in silence-screaming inside with no place to hide, nowhere to run.

Relax I say, soon you will be out having fun. Life went on-for me that is.

Would it matter if I told you your father and I married?

Is that any consolation? How many pregnancies, how many live births?

The question stings, I wonder if acid would soothe the burn.

Then one day I heard your sister’s heartbeat for the very first time;

You were just her age when yours beat for the very last time.

What have I done? In an instant, you were real.

Would it make a difference if I told you I mourn for you still?

My Lord is gracious, forgiving and kind He took you in His arms when I chose not to hold you in mine.

One hope I hold dear to my heart; that my Lord Jesus would grant me one wish-one delight.

To hold you in my arms if only for a moment and feel the love of both of you.

This afternoon as 7 – 8 vigil participants prayed in front of the Community Healthcare Center of Pensacola, a young couple in a VW beetle drove into the facility parking lot.  A young man stepped out of the car smoking a cigarette, but the young woman remained in the car.  Seeing the young couple, the women 40 Days for Life participants began to speak to the young man.  They told him about the painful scar abortion had left on their friends lives and on the lives of their families.  One of the 40 Days for Life participants told the young man about the loss of a niece or nephew to abortion.  She explained to the young man that her sister has never been the same since her abortion.  As she finished telling the young man how abortion affected her family, he looked at the vigil participants, put his cigarette to the ground, and then drove away with the young woman.

We hope and pray that this young couple continues to give life a chance.  It is a good sign that they left the 9th avenue abortion facility.  We pray that God will continue to speak to them.  Please pray for this young couple that they will keep their child.

Thank you to all those that have shown up to pray for life and being a positive example for life.  Keep going.  Keep praying.  Keep fasting.  Keep witnessing to a community hungry for the truth.

If you haven’t gone to pray yet, you need to.  Now more than ever your witness is critical to changing hearts and minds.  God will use you to bring his love and mercy to those that need to hear of his LOVE for them.

Don’t wait another day.  Go.  Pray.  Fast.  Witness.  Life is depending on you.

May the peace of Christ be with you!

September 23, 2009 Dear Fathers, On this Feast of Pio of Pietrelcina, we begin the 40 Days for Life North Dakota campaign, a concerted effort of prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil with the goals of educating the public about the evil of abortion, saving lives and seeking the conversion of souls. For the third consecutive year, the Catholic faithful will join many others in prayerful witness to the dignity of all human life as we pray, 24 hours per day for 40 days, on the sidewalk outside North Dakota’s only abortion facility, the Red River Women’s Clinic at 512 1st Ave. N. in Fargo. Together we will implore our Lord to pour His mercy out upon our state to bring an end to the callous act of abortion through which more than 25 unborn babies are killed in their mothers’ wombs each week in Fargo by abortion-inducing drugs and surgical procedures. As shepherds of the faithful, we are called to imitate the sacrifices of Padre Pio who died on this date 41 years ago. The Vatican Web site notes, “Like the Apostle Paul, Padre Pio da Pietrelcina placed at the centre of his life and apostolic work the Cross of his Lord as his strength, his wisdom and his glory. Inflamed by love of Jesus Christ, he became like him in the sacrifice of himself for the salvation of the world.” Most especially in the “Year for Priests” we too are called to sacrifice – to carry the cross of Christ. With Christ we stand in prayerful witness, in the cold, the rain, the snow, enduring the glances of hatred and the words of disgust from those who do not understand. In faithful hope we pray that some will come to understand, that hearts will be transformed, unborn babies will be saved from death and parents will escape the agony of later realizing that their choice ended the life of their child. I will pray on the sidewalk in front of the abortion facility on Friday, September 25, at 11 a.m. and again on Respect Life Sunday when I lead a Eucharistic procession to the abortion facility, carrying our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament to the site of death for so many of His children. I ask that each of you schedule at least one hour of prayer outside the abortion facility during these 40 days. I realize this will require great sacrifice for some of you in terms of miles traveled and time away from other pastoral duties. Yet I am confident that much fruit will come from your time spent in conversation with God at the site of this modern day, legally protected holocaust. Please also encourage your parishioners to take up the cross of Christ for the most vulnerable among us. “For Padre Pio, faith was life: he willed everything and did everything in the light of faith. He was assiduously devoted to prayer. He passed the day and a large part of the night in conversation with God. He would say: ‘In books we seek God, in prayer we find him. Prayer is the key which opens God’s heart’” ( Sincerely yours in Christ, Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila Bishop of Fargo

Tomorrow night, Monday, September 28th at 6:30 PM at St Rose of Lima Catholic Church (6451 Park Avenue, Milton) there will be an amazing pro-life event you will not want to miss! Come and join us for XLT (Exalt) a praise and worship event for LIFE. This month’s reflection will be given by, Mr. James Pinto, Pastoral Associate: Priests for Life and National Coordinator of the Lay Missionaries of the Gospel of Life. There will be Eucharistic Adoration and live music by “Out of Darkness”.

This morning, when abortions were taking place at the Community Healthcare Center of Pensacola abortion facility, there was a black suv about to enter the abortion facility.   When the couple saw the Prayer Vigil participants and the signs for 40 Days for Life they changed their mind and drove away. Praise God!   PLEASE KEEP PRAYING AND FASTING for this couple, for all couples contemplating abortion that they may choose life for their children, and for the closure of the Community Healthcare Center of Pensacola abortion facility.

Our peaceful, prayerful presence strengthened by FASTING IS MAKING AN IMPACT FOR LIFE!!!

Thank you JESUS!!!!


God Bless You!