On Friday, we interviewed two sidewalk advocates who have been participating in 40 Days for Life for several years.  May their stories inspire you to come to the sidewalk, so that not one mother ever feels alone; not one mother will ever say “no one was there for me.”

Let them say, “I remember you.  You were here for me.  You showed me MERCY.”

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Our number one job on the sidewalk is to help eliminate the fears each mother has, and one by one eliminate them.  When we do this, lives are saved.

On Tuesday afternoon, as vigil participants and sidewalk advocates, prayed and championed for mothers and abortion workers to choose life, a mother, leaving the abortion facility stopped to speak to one of our sidewalk advocates.  She said that she was “PREGNANT WITH TWINS and she was there for a refund.”  She told the advocate, “I am keeping my babies.”

Wow!  Thank you, Jesus!

This is an amazing proclamation to the necessity of our LOVING, PEACEFUL, PRAYERFUL, HOPEFUL presence in front of the local abortion facility.

Will you take one of the remaining 215 hours between now and November 5th, to pray in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility in Pensacola?

Other mothers HOPE you will.

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We are half-way through this Fall’s 40 Days for Life campaign!  Can you believe it?  Today we are going into the 40 Days for Life Pensacola vault.  We found a video from six years ago that shows the spirit of joy that we should bring with us, when we go out to reach those we serve.  We come to the abortion facility with the spirit of the Lord, to pray, to love,  to smile, and to dance.  Enjoy this video, and continue to come to the abortion facility in Pensacola, with the heart of an advocate, the spirit of joy.

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One of the most frequent critiques from abortion advocates is that pro-lifers don’t help mothers.  They say we are just concerned with the baby.  They say that we don’t do anything to help the mother after the mother changes her mind.

We are here proclaim otherwise!

Our organization, The Emerald Coast Coalition for Life, strives to ADVOCATE for the mothers we encounter at the sidewalk and BEYOND.  When we initially make contact with a mother, we attempt to remain in communication with her, oftentimes being her only life line.

This constant communication and relationship building provides an open line for all mothers we have assisted and continue to assist even beyond the birth of their beautiful children.

This past Thursday, we received and urgent call from one of our dear mothers.  She was in desperate need of money to keep she and her children in their apartment.  By 4 PM on Friday, she would need her $320 rent paid or face eviction.

That evening we sent a Facebook message to all of our organizational followers.  Within 10 minutes, generous donors had assisted in raising the necessary funds for our mother.  The first to offer monetary assistance, was none other than the SIDEWALK ADVOCATE who was the one who spoke with our mother the day she chose life.  In fact she gave our dear mother a ride home on that day, April 21, 2016.  She had no idea that the mother she was helping was the mother she had already helped.  She ended up driving TWO HOURS to personally carry the money order directly to the property managers office before the 4 PM cutoff.

This is the type of a TOTAL pro-life commitment that God DEMANDS of us!  The Gospel of Life is FULLY ALIVE in this story of LOVE neighbor.

We thank Our Heavenly Father for answering our prayers!

We thank the support of local pro-lifers who believe in helping mothers at the sidewalk and BEYOND!

Continue to participate in 40 days for Life.  More mothers are looking for US to help them.  https://40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/pensacola/calendar/

More mothers like this are waiting for us to be ALL IN FOR LIFE!


Last spring, one of our Sidewalk advocates, was instrumental in encouraging a young couple to choose life.  Little did we know that afternoon we would receive a call from this mother, who called our number from a brochure similar to the one shown in this video.  When we initially began to speak, she was still not certain what she should do.  After speaking with her and praying with her, she was secure in her decision to keep her baby.  She felt hope.  She literally went from being skeptical of us, to in the end, wanting to join our organization to help other mothers.  She said she wished other people were as kind as us.

What if our sidewalk advocate was not there that day?  What if she never gave her the “There Is Hope” brochure that includes our number?  Where would this mother be today?  Most likely, she would not be receiving the help and encouragement we have been able to offer her since that fateful day this past spring?

Please listen to this never before shown video.  After reading this story and watching this video, we hope you are INSPIRED to go to the abortion facility in Pensacola to pray for the mothers we serve, and be there as a voice of encouragement.  Be their YES to life when the world is telling them NO.

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Join us on the final day of 40 Days for Life in Pensacola as we CELEBRATE THE LIVES of a very special mother and her soon-to-be born BABY BOY on Sunday, November 5th at THE PAVILION on the festival grounds at 6451 Park Ave in Milton.

Exactly 6 months to the day we first spoke with our mother on May 5, we will celebrate her YES to life on November 5, and the SIDEWALK ADVOCATES who were there the day she “just needed someone to talk to.”

Bring a gift for a BABY BOY.  Our mother is registered at Target.  Message us for additional information.

We will also have food and cake.


Here is a link to the FACEBOOK event that you can share with others, too!  FACEBOOK EVENT LINK

The good news is…

We received a report from one of our sidewalk advocates participating in the 40 Days for Life campaign Thursday.  This is her report.

“A car was leaving the American Family Planning (AFP).   I had several materials in my hand to give out. (there is hope brochure) and a little baby model.  I got the car to stop and the girl, about 16 or 17, had not had her abortion.  She said she “could not afford it” (to keep the baby). I explained to her that there is so much help available and told her about Alpha Center, Safe Harbor, etc.  I also told here there are so many agencies that can help her financially, and provide material assistance.  She was with another “driver” but really seemed positive after I spoke with her!  Praise God!  We talked for quite a while. I should have gotten her phone number to call her to follow up.  Just wanted to give you a heads up, and to keep praying for her.”

This is indeed good news as this is a very HOPEFUL report from one of our advocates on Thursday!  Praise God!  Please keep praying for this young woman.

Did you know?

Each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are abortion days in Pensacola.  We need peaceful, prayerful, hopeful, loving, merciful participants to go to our local abortion facility in Pensacola, to help encourage and love these mothers, fathers, and abortion facility workers.  As you can see, your presence can have a tremendous influence on the mothers we serve.

Now to the not so good news….

We are VERY GRATEFUL to all the donors who gave to our matching challenge that ended last Wednesday, October 4!  We were SO CLOSE to achieving our $7,000 match, falling just $478 from our goal.  Overall during the matching period we raised $6,522.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Even though we are outside of the matching challenge, you can still continue to give to our organization.

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Or if you prefer you can mail checks made out to our 501c3 non-profit organization.

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In the parable of the Good Samaritan found in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 10:25-37)  we discover the perfect template to follow when we go to the local abortion facility.  We are called to be moved by compassion at the sight of the victims of abortion.  We are called to be neighbors to the robber’s victims and treat them with mercy

Who are those victims? 

They are…

Our neighbors

The mothers and fathers who go to the abortion facility victimized by the culture of death.

The mothers and fathers who have lost a child to the trauma of abortion.

The workers who are tricked into the belief they are helping women.

The abortionist who believes they are helping women.

What are we called to do? 

Are we called to keep walking by and do nothing?  No

Are we called to bring anger and hate?  No

You and I are called to to be MOVED BY COMPASSION and BRING MERCY!

That’s it, You and I are called to bring MERCY.

A compassionate heart moved by mercy is the key to healing the wounds of abortion.

Go and do likewise.

Sign up for your time to pray during this 40 Days for Life campaign.  https://40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/pensacola/calendar/