Here is a SAVE REPORT from Wednesday!  Praise the Lord!

This is from one of our Sidewalk Advocates on Wednesday.

One bright moment was when a young woman, upon driving away with her male partner – who had talked with an advocate while she was inside – said out her window, “I didn’t do it!”. God bless that mother, her baby, and Kelsey, the baby’s father. And God Bless all those who gave their time, their faith, and their voices for the voiceless unborn.

As vigil participants prayed Friday in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility in Pensacola, a young father in a car pulled over to speak with a sidewalk advocate to inform the advocate that his friend was inside the building about to have an abortion.  The advocate informed him about all the dangers and consequences of having an abortion and the trauma associated with it to both men and women.  The conversation ended with the advocate praying with the young man.  He then told him that we can help his friend inside, if she would be open to speaking with us.

After praying, the young father went into the building, spoke with his friend, and came out telling 40 Days for Life participants that his friend was not going to have the abortion.  He believed that this was an answer to prayer.  On their way home, he called the advocate to inform him of this decision and thanked the advocate for his prayers and his words of encouragement, ending with “Thank you for all you have done for me.”

Please continue to pray for this couple.  We have exchanged numbers in attempt to walk with them on life’s journey.

Praise you Jesus for answering our prayers!

There are men and women like this couple, who right now, are planning to have an abortion this week in Pensacola.  Will YOU be there in prayer and love for them to show you care?

See you on the sidewalk…

We received this wonderful report last night from one of our sidewalk advocates summarizing day one of Pensacola’s 20th 40 Days for Life campaign.
Here is the report we received….It’s a powerful reminder why we need to “BE THERE” in love on the sidewalk over the next 40 days and beyond…
A woman leaving the American Family Planning abortion facility in Pensacola thanked us for BEING THERE.  She stated that she had CHANGED HER MIND about aborting her baby.  She took our THERE IS HOPE pamphlet and was directed by the sidewalk advocate to the numerous places available to help her in her area.
Thank you to 40 Days for Life Participants, including those from St. Rose of Lima, and the sidewalk advocates who stood vigil yesterday.  Thank you God allowing us to witness the fruits of our prayers.
We have 39 more days to go!  Sign up today to schedule your time to pray over the next 40 Days in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility.
And don’t forget, our 40 Days for Life Kick-off is tonight at 6:30 PM at St. Ann Parish in Gulf Breeze.

In just one day we will kick off the 20th 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola.  Beginning, February 14th through March 25th we will pray, fast and peacefully vigil from 7 AM until 7 PM for forty consecutive days in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility in Pensacola.  Since the first campaign was launched in 2007, through the merciful outreach of people just like you, we have witnessed the number of abortions drop by nearly 50%!

Be a part of the movement that is calling people just like you, to lovingly show our brothers and sisters that there is HOPE for them and their child; that abortion is not the answer, but Christ is.

Bring YOUR love for them to the sidewalk this 40 Days.  Sign up HERE today –>

Also, this THURSDAY evening (February 15th) we will have a special 40 Days for Life Kick-Off Celebration at 6:30 PM at St. Ann’s in Gulf Breeze, 100 Daniel Drive (Parish Hall).  We have an amazing speaker who will be sharing a heartfelt story of faith, hope, and love.  There will be a special surprise that you will not want to miss.  We look forward to seeing you and your friends this Thursday evening.   Let’s celebrate together!  

Facebook Event Link

Please share with others.  Invite others to join you.  Our goal in 2018 is to cover every hour the abortion facility is open with trained Sidewalk Advocates, offering life-affirming alternatives to all present at the abortion facility in Pensacola.  Love wins on the sidewalk.

First…It all kicks off tonight!

Friday Vigil Mass with Bishop Wack at 6:30 PM at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, 3121 Hyde Park Rd, Pensacola

Saturday morning Mass at 9 AM St. Joseph’s in downtown Pensacola, 140 W Government St

Then the 2nd Annual Emerald Coast Walk For Life takes place on Saturday 10:30 AM!

Featuring national and local pro-life speakers!

  • When: January 13th, 2018. Rally begins at 10:30 AM. Walk For Life begins at 11:45 AM.
  • Where: Seville Square Park, 311 East Government Street, Pensacola, FL


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