Please join us today at St. Mary’s in Fort Walton Beach for a baby shower for a mother who chose life!  If you live in the area please join in this celebration!  If you can please bring a covered dish.



This past Friday, as our family arrived at the abortion facility, we noticed that a car pulled down to the end of the street and parked.  Two women began to get out and walk toward us.  We were not certain if they were perhaps new vigil participants or not.  As they approached us, I began to navigate in their direction ready to greet them with a smile.  I said good morning to the two ladies and asked if they were there to pray with us.  They shook their heads no.  At this point I knew their plan was to enter the abortion facility.  I then presented to them our “There Is Hope” brochure telling them that we were there to help them.  One of them said thank you after they received the brochure and they both continued into the abortion facility.  I told them that we are here for them.  At this point, I was not certain how things would proceed.  My wife and family began to pray for the two women we just spoke to.

As the two women entered the facility I then noticed a third woman approaching her vehicle.  She had gone in and out of the facility at least two times since we arrived.  As she approached her car, I noticed she was in tears.  I waved, smiled, and said good morning as this young mother opened her car door and offered here words of encouragement.  I told her I was sorry that she was in tears and if she needed someone to speak with we were there for her.  We want to help you, I said.  We have great places available to her that will treat her like the lady she deserves to be treated.  She waved back and through her tears put together a partial smile.  A few moments later she got out of her car, after crying in her car, and looking at her phone, she reluctantly began to walk into the facility.  As we continued to pray, she went in and out of the abortion facility several other times.  Each time we offered her words of encouragement.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the two women we spoke with earlier exiting the facility.  As they approached the driveway, I once again waved and smiled at them, and told them my name and I asked them how we could help them.  With this encounter, I noticed that there was a language barrier.  My wife walked over to assist with my attempt at counseling.  As we continued to do our outreach, we knew we needed someone with a greater mastery of Spanish to help us.  We immediately thought of the Spanish counselors available to us.  We reached out to our friend, a mother who we helped over 6 years ago.  She picked up on the first ring and offered to speak with our mother.  Our friend spoke with the mother for several minutes.  You could tell that our friend was giving her words of hope and encouragement.  She began to smile in conversation and you could see fear leaving her.  As they hung up, she seemed very excited to have met us and to know how we could help.  She and her friend gave us their cell number so we could set up an appointment for them at a local pregnancy resource center.  As they drove away they smiled and waved.  Both had a spirit of hope that they were without when they arrived early this morning.

As we moved back to pray, the mother who we last saw in tears, got into her car and began to drive away.  As she pulled to the abortion facility driveway to exit, I smiled, and waved, and did the universal roll the window down sign.  She stopped and rolled down her window.  I was able to give her our “There is Hope” brochure.  I asked her if she had made the decision to keep her baby.  She said, in a tearful response, “Yes, yes I have.”  I told her that our telephone number was on the front of the brochure as well as local pregnancy resource center information available to her.  She said thank you, and drove away.

Please pray for this mother and the other mother that we helped earlier on Friday morning that they will continue to have the courage to say, “Yes to life.”  May we as an organization continue to be there for these mothers, and all mothers, to offer them authentic help, healing, love and mercy.  God may we have the courage to continue to stand peacefully to offer hope to the mothers we serve, day 41 and beyond.


Last Wednesday, a new 40 Days for Life vigil volunteer in Pensacola, spoke with a mother who returned to the abortion facility.  She returned not to have an abortion but she was there as she told him, “To get her down payment back.”

For this first time 40 Days for Life participant, witnessing a mother say yes to life, was the pinnacle of joy.  He is inspired to return again!  Thank you Jesus for these gifts of assurance that we are on the right path.

This is the fifth mother known to chose life during this 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola!  Thank you God for allowing us to experience these blessings through each 40 Days for Life campaign!

Remember, our closing celebration, baby shower, and barbecue is this Sunday, November 6th at 3:15 PM; preceded by Mass at 2:15 PM at St. Rose of Lima, 6451 Park Avenue in Milton.




Here is a story we received from a vigil participant from last Tuesday when a mother chose life!

“I saw two cars arrive in close proximity.  In one car was a 30 year old female in the passenger seat (grandaughter) & a 50 year old female (mom) in the drivers seat.  In the second car was an elderly couple in their 80s (grandparents).  The granddaughter went into the abortion facility followed by a long conversation between the mom and grandfather.  When the mom and grandmother drove away the grandfather walked over to talk to us.  He asked why we were there.  When I told him we were sitting vigil and praying for the end of abortion, his face went flush.  After speaking with us, he became visibly upset at the thought that his grand-daughter was there to have an abortion.  He told us that he didn’t support this and he was only told that his granddaughter was having a medical procedure done and couldn’t drive after the procedure, so he volunteered to help. He continued to tell me that she was a mother of 3 and he couldn’t understand why she would do this.  I told him that there was still a chance for her to change her mind. I gave him all the paperwork/pamphlets on how to get help and told him to talk to her and give them to her if she came out of the building for any reason and then we said a short prayer.  Just 30 seconds after he got back to his car, she came out to get something and he got into a heated conversation with her. He gave her the paperwork as she stormed back inside the building.  About 10 minutes later, the mother drove back into the parking lot and had a conversation with the grandfather who then drove off. The mother looked at me and told us to keep praying and thanked us.  Shortly after that, the daughter came out, got in the car and they drove off.  As the mom left the parking lot she mouthed “Thank you!” and gave me a thumbs up.  What a great feeling.  Thank you for getting me involved in this effort and making a positive change in my life!”

There are still 5 days left of 40 Days for Life.  Come out and pray in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility, 6115 Village Oaks Drive in Pensacola, from 6 AM until 6 PM, now through Sunday.  Your peaceful, prayerful presence does matter and lives are saved.

Also, we hope you will join us this Sunday, November 6th as we celebrate the completion of this fall’s 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola.



This Sunday we close the 40 Days for Life campaign and we want YOU to be part of it.  Please let us know if you are able to attend or not.  Bring a friend with you.

Sunday, November 6th at St. Rose of Lima, 6451 Park Ave, Milton

Mass at 2:15 PM

Baby Shower and Barbecue at 3:15 PM on the festival grounds (in back of the parish)

The baby shower is for a mother who chose life last April 21, 2016.  She is having a baby boy.  Please bring a gift for a baby boy and a covered dish to share.



Monday’s typically are not abortion days in Pensacola.  We have come to discover that Monday’s appear to be consultation or follow-up days.  This past Monday during the 8 AM to 12 PM shift one of our shift leaders was able to speak with a mother.  When she arrived she went right into the facility.  Our vigil leader smiled and waved. As she walked out moments later she began to step towards our vigil leader.  She was in tears and visibly very upset.  Our vigil participant invited her to join him in one of the chairs next to him.  He said to her, “Come on over and have a seat and let’s talk this over.”  His words began to calm her down.  He then prayed with her and encouraged her.  He began to tell her that he has a daughter similar in age and that he was going to get his daughter in contact with our young mother.  He also offered to help her find a job.  This was one of the reasons she felt pressured to have an abortion.  As the conversation continued, she felt hope from the kind man and no longer felt that abortion was an option for her. She had renewed courage that everything will be just fine, thanks to our caring shift leader.  She felt comfortable enough to leave her telephone number with our leader.  With her number we have been able to set up a visit to a local pregnancy resource center.  We have her working with our job placement representative.  Here is how you could help.  If you know of any administrative assistant positions available in our area please let us know.  Please e-mail us a [email protected]

Praise the Lord for our mother saying yes to life and for our 40 Days for Life vigil participant making himself available to our mother in a time of great need!                 Our presence matters.

40 Days for Life continues through November 6th.  We still have open hours.  Come an join us in prayer from 6 AM until 6 PM in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility at 6115 Village Oaks Drive.  Who knows you might just be able to save a life.  

We are closing out our most successful 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola with a GREAT CELEBRATION on Sunday, November 6th.

40-dfl-invitation-to-baby-shower-barbecuePlease bring a gift for a baby boy as well as a covered dish to share.  Invite others to join you!  We will provide the barbecue.

Since we will be purchasing food please RSVP by November 3rd by  e-mail [email protected] or by calling 850-889-1035

Facebook Event:

Please share this information with your friends and family.  Let’s celebrate the gift of life together as we close the 17th 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola!



The first step toward healing was found for a mother this past Thursday in Pensacola.  Ingrid, one of our most dedicated sidewalk advocates recounts the story of this encounter in the attached video.  A mother who a year ago lost her child to an abortion at this very facility, returns to grieve the loss of her child.  With her she, brought a candle and flowers to place at the vigil site in memory of the child lost that day.  She came to find the sidewalk advocate she spoke with the day of her abortion.  She came to find help, as she grieves the loss of her child.  Thanks to our sidewalk advocate, Ingrid, and other vigil participants, they were able to console her and offer her hope and healing after her abortion.  They gave her information about Project Rachel  and Rachel’s Vineyard and one of them took her to one of our local pregnancy resource center’s for additional counsel.  Abortion is a traumatic experience for the women, men, and families that experience it.  Let us ALWAYS be there to meet them with love and mercy.  Let us pray for this mother and all the other mothers and fathers who have lost a child to abortion.



There is Hope

This past Friday, one of the abortion days in Pensacola, a young woman arrived after the abortion facility had closed, for what appeared to be an attempt to abort her child on demand.  In the midst of her confusion, thankfully, we had 40 Days for Life vigil participants present, ready to assist!  They were able to reach out to our young mother with local pregnancy resource information in her area and provide her with a message of hope.  They even told her that we would have a baby shower for her. After some dialogue she stated she was interested in an ultrasound.  We called our local pro-life OB/Gyn who is able to see her on Monday for a free ultrasound.  She gave us her cell phone number so that we can remain in contact.  Please pray that she shows up to at this appointment.  Please pray that she will continue to choose life and that she will reach out to the help available to her in her area.

Thank you God for the vigil participants who were present for our young mother, when she needed us most.  May we continue to present for our mothers in need of hope, in need of someone willing to love them to a better place, love them back to life.

Link to our THERE IS HOPE brochure:

40 Days for Life continues to through November 6th.  We have just a few time slots left to fill.  Will YOU help us guarantee at least 12 hours of coverage per day?

Here are the days and times available.  

       Mondays 12 PM to 4 PM
       Tuesdays 11 AM to 12 PM
       Fridays 12 PM to 2 PM
       Saturdays 8 AM to 9 AM and 12 PM to 4 PM
e-mail us at [email protected] call us at 850-889-1035 if you are able to fill these gaps in our vigil calendar.  As you can see from this story your peaceful, prayerful presence really does matter.  It saves lives!