Recognizing that “with God, all things are possible,” from September 26th through November 4th, our community is joining with hundreds of other cities for this Fall’s global 40 Days for Life – one of the largest internationally coordinated pro-life mobilizations in history.

40 Days for Life is a peaceful, prayerful – and proven effective – pro-life campaign that has already been embraced by more than 750,000 people worldwide, saved 14,643 lives from abortion, led to the conversion of 177 abortion workers, and seen 96 abortion facilities close down for good.

40 Days for Life features three components:

  1. PRAYER & FASTING: Join together with other believers for 40 days of fervent prayer and fasting for an end to abortion.

  2. PEACEFUL VIGIL: Stand for life during a 40-day peaceful public witness outside the local American Family Planning abortion facility at 6115 Village Oaks Drive in Pensacola.

  3. COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Bring a positive pro-life message to every corner of our city through media efforts, advocacy and public visibility

Learn how you can “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” right here in Pensacola, by contacting the Emerald Coast Coalition for Life at 850-889-1035, and/or e-mail [email protected] 

Statement of Peace

Before you schedule your time to pray, please review the “STATEMENT OF PEACE” below.  Any and ALL participants MUST abide by these rules.

I, ____________________________________________, testify to the following:

  • I will only pursue peaceful solutions to the violence of abortion when volunteering with the 40 Days for Life campaign
  • I will show compassion and reflect Christ’s love to all American Family Planning employees, volunteers, and customers
  • I understand that acting in a violent or harmful manner immediately and completely disassociates me from the 40 Days for Life campaign

  • I am in no way associated with American Family Planning, its affiliates or any abortion provider

While standing in the public right-of-way in front of (American Family Planning abortion facility 6115 Village Oaks Drive, Pensacola):

  • I will not obstruct the driveways or sidewalk while standing in the public right of way

  • I will not litter on the public right-of-way

  • I will closely attend to any children I bring to the prayer vigil

  • I will not threaten, physically contact, or verbally abuse American Family Planning employees, volunteers or customers

  • I will not damage private property

  • I will cooperate with local authorities