With all the social distancing we are asked to do, the local abortion facility in Pensacola has remained open. The 40 Days for Life vigil goes on through April 5 from 6 AM to 6 PM daily. Please read below for additional pandemic related information.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Please review the following guidelines as you participate in this spring’s campaign:

  1. Please monitor and follow the advice of the CDC and US Coronavirus website as well as those of your state and local leaders as guidelines vary from location to location. Monitor and comply with all national, state/provincial, and local health and safety directives. For example, no more than 10 people gathered on the sidewalk at a time.
  2. Practice social distancing at your vigil sites by remaining three to six feet away from other participants, avoiding physical contact such as handshakes and hugs, and holding events outdoors if possible.
  3. If you are feeling ill at all, please do not attend the local 40 Days for Life vigil.
  4. All major local pro-life gatherings such as the stations of the Cross with the Bishop and the closing Jericho March have been CANCELLED.