During Monday’s 40 Days for Life vigil in Pensacola, as over THIRTY folks from St. Sylvester’s parish participated in the TWELVE hour vigil (from 6 AM to 6 PM) in front of the TEMPORARILY CLOSED abortion facility, they were able to speak to a young woman looking for PLANNED PARENTHOOD.  In particular she was looking for a pregnancy test.  The vigil participants referred her to a local pregnancy resource center for a FREE pregnancy test.  They called ahead for her.  She left knowing that she truly had help.  This is our FIRST recorded turn-a-way during this fall 2018 40 Days for Life campaign.  Thank you to the sidewalk advocates that were present to inform and assist this young lady that she had EXCELLENT alternatives available to her.  Thank you St. Sylvester’s parish for your faithful participation in 40 Days for Life.
Even though the American Family Planning abortion facility remains UNLICENSED to perform abortions, the abortion facility is NOT permanently closed.  Now more than ever, WE must PRAY, FAST, and PEACEFULLY VIGIL in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility.
OUR presence really does matter.  Where would this young woman be today, if it were not for our vigil participants and advocates being there for this young lady in her time of need?
40 Days for Life continues through November 4th.  Prayerfully consider taking time to PEACEFULLY PRAY in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility.