On Thursday in Pensacola, this gentleman pictured, one of our Sidewalk advocates, handed a mother seeking an abortion this life-saving information as she approached the entrance to the abortion facility.

She and her friend sat in the parking lot, reviewing the Information received in the brochure.  THey  never got out of their car.

Moments later the two women began to leave.  The advocate and vigil participant approached the vehicle as they exited the lot.

The friend driving opened her window, smiled at the Advocate and said, “She didn’t do it.”

Praise the Lord!

The Sidewalk Advocate and vigil participants were overcome with joy as this mother, who a short time ago thought abortion was her only option, now chooses life.

If it were not for the 40 Days for Life vigil participants and this courageous advocate, where would this mother be?  Would she have known about the life-saving options available her in order to make an informed decision to choose life?  Would she be mourning the loss of her child at this very moment?

This is the importance of authentic advocacy on the sidewalk coupled with prayer.  When we are present lives are saved, one life at a time.

Our work is not done.  May we continue to go to the sidewalk to advocate for more mothers and their babies.