On Friday morning, as many 40 Days for Life vigil participants prayed, a young lady, who had driven herself from another state, stopped to speak to the sidewalk advocates.  As she pulled up we recall seeing a sense of relief on her face as she saw us there.  You could tell she wanted to talk to us.  Unfortunately, any chance of conversing with her was quickly disrupted as there was another car behind her pushing her beyond the outlet she was looking for.

The sidewalk advocates and vigil participants encouraged her to take a moment to speak with them after she parked.  We mentioned that we had wonderful life saving information in our brochure (pictured above) and have helped hundreds of mothers, just like her.  She smiled but with hesitation continued into the abortion facility.  She kept going in and out of the facility, pacing back and forth.  We continued to pray.  Sidewalk advocates continued to offer words of encouragement.  Thankfully after some time, the young mother garnered enough courage to approach one of the sidewalk advocates who was able to give her our sidewalk literature and talk with her for a few moments.  The mother continued to go back and forth into her car then into the abortion facility.  The vigil participants continued to pray.

It was around 11 AM, nearly 2.5 hours after she arrived when the advocates and vigil participants began speaking to this young mother, when she decided to leave! When she pulled up next to one of the sidewalk advocates and rolled down her car window, with as spirit of hope and confidence told the advocate she had, “Changed her mind and didn’t go through with the procedure!”  She was truly grateful for our information and we told her we would keep her in our prayers!  It was a great blessing to all of us!

Please continue to pray for this mother and all mothers who at this moment who don’t know who to turn to or what to do or maybe they are struggling with the trauma associated with a past abortion.  May they have the courage to seek help.  May they have the courage to choose life like this mother.  May they continue to see us as a ray of hope.  May we continue to advocate for them in a spirit of love.

Abortion days in Pensacola are Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays all year long.  Approximately 30 to 40 mothers are victimized by abortion and babies lose their lives each week.  We need more people, just like these advocates and 40 Days for Life participants, to come in a spirit of prayer and loving advocacy, so that mothers and workers alike are inspired to find a path to life.