As vigil participants prayed Friday in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility in Pensacola, a young father in a car pulled over to speak with a sidewalk advocate to inform the advocate that his friend was inside the building about to have an abortion.  The advocate informed him about all the dangers and consequences of having an abortion and the trauma associated with it to both men and women.  The conversation ended with the advocate praying with the young man.  He then told him that we can help his friend inside, if she would be open to speaking with us.

After praying, the young father went into the building, spoke with his friend, and came out telling 40 Days for Life participants that his friend was not going to have the abortion.  He believed that this was an answer to prayer.  On their way home, he called the advocate to inform him of this decision and thanked the advocate for his prayers and his words of encouragement, ending with “Thank you for all you have done for me.”

Please continue to pray for this couple.  We have exchanged numbers in attempt to walk with them on life’s journey.

Praise you Jesus for answering our prayers!

There are men and women like this couple, who right now, are planning to have an abortion this week in Pensacola.  Will YOU be there in prayer and love for them to show you care?

See you on the sidewalk…