Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Pensacola area pro-lifers!

On Saturday, we visited a mother who just gave birth to her precious son, who seven months ago was at the abortion facility in Pensacola in despair, now holds the greatest Christmas gift, her newborn son.  She was so excited to share the good news with us that two hours after giving birth she shared this picture.  In November, we held her baby shower and today we hold her precious baby.  Wow!  God is good!

She was blown away by the generosity of others, complete strangers, who cared for her.  She remains thankful for the hope she received from the sidewalk advocate who first struck a conversation with her and numerous others that have prayed and advocated for her.

So this Christmas season we say “THANK YOU” to all of our Sidewalk advocates and those who witness to mothers in love.  In the coming year, may we continue to reach out in love, and bring the mothers in our area the hope that they need to make the best choice, the choice of life.

We need your help to continue to assist this mother and other mothers like her.  Let’s show the sincerity of our convictions for life today by donating to the Emerald Coast Coalition for Life.  We are the ONLY ministry in our area on the FRONT LINES in front of the abortion facility saving lives from the evil grasp of abortion.

Let’s end abortion in 2018.  Donate today!