One of the most frequent critiques from abortion advocates is that pro-lifers don’t help mothers.  They say we are just concerned with the baby.  They say that we don’t do anything to help the mother after the mother changes her mind.

We are here proclaim otherwise!

Our organization, The Emerald Coast Coalition for Life, strives to ADVOCATE for the mothers we encounter at the sidewalk and BEYOND.  When we initially make contact with a mother, we attempt to remain in communication with her, oftentimes being her only life line.

This constant communication and relationship building provides an open line for all mothers we have assisted and continue to assist even beyond the birth of their beautiful children.

This past Thursday, we received and urgent call from one of our dear mothers.  She was in desperate need of money to keep she and her children in their apartment.  By 4 PM on Friday, she would need her $320 rent paid or face eviction.

That evening we sent a Facebook message to all of our organizational followers.  Within 10 minutes, generous donors had assisted in raising the necessary funds for our mother.  The first to offer monetary assistance, was none other than the SIDEWALK ADVOCATE who was the one who spoke with our mother the day she chose life.  In fact she gave our dear mother a ride home on that day, April 21, 2016.  She had no idea that the mother she was helping was the mother she had already helped.  She ended up driving TWO HOURS to personally carry the money order directly to the property managers office before the 4 PM cutoff.

This is the type of a TOTAL pro-life commitment that God DEMANDS of us!  The Gospel of Life is FULLY ALIVE in this story of LOVE neighbor.

We thank Our Heavenly Father for answering our prayers!

We thank the support of local pro-lifers who believe in helping mothers at the sidewalk and BEYOND!

Continue to participate in 40 days for Life.  More mothers are looking for US to help them.

More mothers like this are waiting for us to be ALL IN FOR LIFE!