In the parable of the Good Samaritan found in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 10:25-37)  we discover the perfect template to follow when we go to the local abortion facility.  We are called to be moved by compassion at the sight of the victims of abortion.  We are called to be neighbors to the robber’s victims and treat them with mercy

Who are those victims? 

They are…

Our neighbors

The mothers and fathers who go to the abortion facility victimized by the culture of death.

The mothers and fathers who have lost a child to the trauma of abortion.

The workers who are tricked into the belief they are helping women.

The abortionist who believes they are helping women.

What are we called to do? 

Are we called to keep walking by and do nothing?  No

Are we called to bring anger and hate?  No

You and I are called to to be MOVED BY COMPASSION and BRING MERCY!

That’s it, You and I are called to bring MERCY.

A compassionate heart moved by mercy is the key to healing the wounds of abortion.

Go and do likewise.

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