Last spring, one of our Sidewalk advocates, was instrumental in encouraging a young couple to choose life.  Little did we know that afternoon we would receive a call from this mother, who called our number from a brochure similar to the one shown in this video.  When we initially began to speak, she was still not certain what she should do.  After speaking with her and praying with her, she was secure in her decision to keep her baby.  She felt hope.  She literally went from being skeptical of us, to in the end, wanting to join our organization to help other mothers.  She said she wished other people were as kind as us.

What if our sidewalk advocate was not there that day?  What if she never gave her the “There Is Hope” brochure that includes our number?  Where would this mother be today?  Most likely, she would not be receiving the help and encouragement we have been able to offer her since that fateful day this past spring?

Please listen to this never before shown video.  After reading this story and watching this video, we hope you are INSPIRED to go to the abortion facility in Pensacola to pray for the mothers we serve, and be there as a voice of encouragement.  Be their YES to life when the world is telling them NO.

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