This afternoon in Pensacola a group of young women prayed in front of the 9th Avenue, American Family Planning abortion facility. What you are about to read is a testimony to the impact of peaceful, public witness. We tell folks that we must always remember that we are often the only church, the only bible, or the only Jesus some people may ever meet and because of that we MUST ALWAYS be merciful and loving. This is how 40 Days for Life is helping change the face of pro-life.

I hope this testimony of this young woman will inspire YOU to go and give as much time as you can between now and April 17th. Thursday and Friday are abortion days in Pensacola at American Family Planning and it is Lent and what better way to incorporate the three components of Lent, prayer, fasting, and almsgiving (the act of giving ones time to those in need). Right now I want to challenge as many people out there to give 40 hours of peaceful, public witness. Between now and April 17th, I hope this story below will motivate many of you to give 40 hours of peaceful, prayerful, public witness in front of Pensacola’s two abortion facilities. Can you imagine the impact you will make?

Here is today’s powerful testimony from a group of young women that said they believe in the infinite power of God’s mercy through peaceful, prayerful, public witness.

I just wanted to let you guys know that today at 1:30PM I got a chance to represent 40 Days for Life to a post-abortive woman. I first saw her like you and I see most angry pro-choicers, flying by yelling and screaming and throwing the middle finger.  I had just finished the rosary and for some reason I was especially keen to this one car. I noticed them turn around out of the corner of my eye and then see what appeared to be the same car in the pull-out area of the parking lot next door hollering again. I felt the impulse to go over to talk to them, completely aware that I may just be thinking my last thoughts – they could run me over, shoot me – who knows what…

When I arrived, there were two young women in the car smoking. I asked them if they were alright. They said, “What makes you think you can come out here and judge people and hold up your abortion posters and make people feel bad?’ I asked her if she could pull over to a parking space so we could talk because I was afraid of being run over. She did, and before I could answer her questions she unloaded her experience of having had an abortion at this same abortion clinic (American Family Planning).  As she spoke I noticed how young she was, must have been in her early twenties, she was beautiful but sadly very lost too.

Once she realized I wasn’t there to attack her and that I really cared to listen to what she had to say, she softened up – was no longer on defense. She had an abortion here when she was 17. She said she remembers crying, but that she did not regret it. She told me how her friend has three children and doesn’t have the opportunities to go out like she does. She told me she remembered people yelling she was going to hell.

I could tell that deep down inside she did regret her abortion, but wasn’t ready to admit it to herself. Why else would she be so disturbed by me and two other women kneeling and praying, holding up “Pray for an end to abortion” and a picture of our Lady of Fatima? You could tell she really had thought about her abortion and had to make up an excuse to deal with that bad memory by juxtaposing her free lifestyle with her friend who was “tied down.” I felt really sorry for her.

I told her that I was sorry about her abortion and that I was part of 40 Days for Life – we offer help to mothers and do not judge or condemn them. I told her I was sorry about the judgmental words she received. I invited her to come and talk to us again since she was giving me the cue she was leaving… I think she will think again about her views on abortion – I don’t think she will be pro-choice forever either. Her heart was softened by my care for her, listening, and explanation about our true sentiments and motives. It was a planted seed. It wasn’t a major “win” like a saved life or an immediate conversion. She didn’t leave herself wide open to hear all I could have shared – but that little hole she did open up for me allowed that one seed to go in.

I will continue to pray for her as we should all pray for abortionists, post-abortive men and women, and all who support abortion in any way – they need God’s grace of healing, they need God’s mercy ministered to them visibly through us.

Amen! Thank you for your story. This is why we stand in prayer and we hope to always represent Christ’s love and mercy. What a beautiful day for Jesus!

For healing after abortion please go to Rachel’s Vineyard or Silent No More.

You are not alone and the pro-life community loves you!