What an amazing day!  Today we witnessed 5 mom’s choose life at the American Family Planning abortion facility.  Vigil participants were able to talk to these mom’s.

The first mom said, ” I can’t go through with it, I’m keeping my baby.”

The next woman was walking into the abortion clinic with a friend, we smiled at her and said, “Good Morning.” She smiled back and waved. Minutes later we saw her walk away from the abortion facility and one prayer vigil participant talked to her and said, “Are you keeping your baby?”  She responded, “YES I AM.”  We  offered her information about local pregnancy resource centers and she said she was from Mississippi.  We gave her the 1-800-395-HELP so that she could find out about local help in her area, and she said, “Thank You,” and walked to her car smiling.  She waved at the prayer vigil participants as she left, with a big smile on her face.

Next we had a young man in his twenties who approached the vigil participants and said, “I don’t want her to go through with it either. I am with you guys. I don’t believe in abortion.” One prayer vigil participant asked if she could pray with him. He agreed and she prayed with him for the strength to get his friend out. He walked toward his car, then toward the abortion facility. He met up with another prayer vigil participant who handed him local pregnancy resource center information, and told him that the center was right down the street and would be open in a couple of hours. She told him that she is a volunteer there and that this would be a wonderful place to get his friend the real help she needs. He took the information and brought it to her in the waiting room of the abortion facility . Moments later as he walked away from the building, she walked out the door and hollered out to him to get the car. He pulled the car around and the two drove away choosing life.

Later, there was a woman walking down the sidewalk in front of the abortion facility, she talked to a sidewalk counselor, he handed her a brochure on pregnancy help and said to her, “Can we offer you some help.” She said, “I’m okay, I’m not going through with this at all, my baby is safe.”

The last woman was with her boyfriend and they had gone in and out of the abortion facility several times, deciding whether to go through the abortion or not. Finally they decided to keep their baby! Praise God!

This was a blessed day! The power of God’s hand at work with our peaceful, prayerful presence.

In addition we had a tremendous turn-out at the American Family Planning prayer vigil. There was a large group from Holy Name Parish in Niceville and they were so filled with the Holy Spirit! (See Pictures) Thank you Holy Name and all the beautiful prayer vigil participants for your peaceful, prayerful presence at AFP today.

At Pensacola’s second abortion facility the AMS of Pensacola, we are so pleased to report, that although one baby dying from abortion is a tragedy, they were remarkably slow for business today. They performed about half of the number of abortions than usual. PRAISE GOD! Thank you prayer vigil participants for your presence at AMS today! PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY FOR HIS WONDERFUL WORKS!

Please keep these families in your prayers as they choose life for their babies! Jesus, Lord and Savior, protect and defend these lives who you have redeemed by your precious blood!