This past Saturday, the prayer vigil participants witnessed four miracles.  Four women chose life!  One of the prayer vigil participants, approached a vehicle at 6:30 AM in one of the local business parking lots.  He briefly spoke with the two women inside this vehicle.  He handed them a brochure about abortion alternatives and what abortion does to women.  Two hours later the women drove past us, giving us the thumbs up and pointing that she kept her baby!

What would have happened if the prayer vigil participant had not been there to hand these women this information?

This demonstrates the absolute necessity of peaceful, prayerful, community witness.  We do not have a lot of hours covered this week, so I hope everyone on this e-mail list that lives in and around Pensacola will take the time to pray in front of AMS of Pensacola!  Lives are depending upon you!  Over the next few weeks, speak with your pastor and ask him to join you.  Speak about 40 Days for Life at your prayer group or Bible study and get as many people to go with you to pray in front of AMS of Pensacola!

This past Saturday, abortion day in Pensacola, our prayer intention for that day was for the conversion of everyone that works at AMS of Pensacola.  As the day progressed, you could visibly see that something was changing in the outlook of some of these workers.  There was a sense that some of them were beginning to realize that we are there for them.  We are truly there to pray for them.  They are surprised to hear that someone is praying for them.  God is truly chipping away at their hearts!  That is why it is so important for us to be there each and every day!  Our peaceful, prayerful presence DOES make a difference!  Be not afraid and go and pray!  As one prayer vigil participant wrote last week, he stated,  “Thank you for allowing me to be part of this (40 Days for Life).”  He had never participated in 40 Days for Life until this spring campaign, and he now understands how vitally important it is to pray in front of the AMS of Pensacola. He is scheduled to pray two hours a week in front of AMS of Pensacola.