This is what one of this mornings prayer vigil participants heard from a young man.  He told her that her presence was making his friend’s decision much more difficult.

Although the young woman did decide to have an abortion (let us pray for her that she will come to know Gods mercy), the young man’s words illustrate something very important.  A pro-life presence in front of an abortion facility is absolutely necessary.  If there is no presence then consciences go unchecked.  Please remember how vitally important your presence is to changing hearts and minds from the deception of abortion.  We hope to see you along with many new faces as our spring 40 Days for Life kicks off this February 17th through March 28th in front of AMS of Pensacola abortion facility.  Each and every day please remember to pray for an end to abortion and ask God how he could use your time, talent, and treasure to end abortion in Pensacola.  May the Peace of Jesus Christ be with you!