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What is going on? Why is there so much pressure from all sides to continue this slaughter of innocent lives? What interests are behind the world-wide promotion of abortion? What can we do to help?

These and many other questions are answered in this most recent HM Television production. Hear the testimonies of professionals who are working intensely to promote the value and dignity of human life from the moment of conception until natural death! Juan José and Marta, parents of Ignatius, a new-born baby with Down-Syndrome, share their experience and Dr. Bernard Nathanson, former abortionist, tells his heartrending and hope-filled story.

With this production we have wished to transmit a positive and hopeful spirit, following the path marked by His Holiness John Paul II in his encyclical “Evangelium Vitae”. The very title is inspired by paragraph 25 of this encyclical. “It is from the blood of Christ that all draw the strength to commit themselves to promoting life. It is precisely this blood that is the most powerful source of hope, indeed it is the foundation of the absolute certitude that in God’s plan life will be victorious.”