Here is an amazing story about the value of being publicly present in front of an abortion facility to pray.  This is from an e-mail received during last Fall’s 40 Days for Life campaign here in Pensacola dated Friday, October 13th, 2008. Today Members of Council 13527 prayed the Rosary at the Ninth Ave mill. While reciting the Crucifixion mystery a girl in her early 20’s parked her car next to two of our members in prayer.  She thanked them for being there. She said when she was 15 she was to abort her baby but someone was at the clinic praying and I changed my mindShe drove off with a seven year old boy next to her.  What an amazing TRUE story!  Brothers and sisters in Christ, this is why it is so important to go and publicly witness to our community in prayer.  What if that one person had not been there praying?  Would her seven year old son be here today?  Only God knows that answer.  When abortions no longer occur in our country, will you be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say that I did as much as I could have done to save the lives of the unborn?  Take a look at yourself today and ask yourself what you value in life.  If you value life and you see that abortion is wrong, then what are you doing about it?  It’s easy to say you are pro-life, but what action have you taken to change hearts and minds in your own community on the issue of abortion?  In your church?  Have you been apathetic to the fact that children are killed each week here in Pensacola.  Brothers and sisters in Christ most of us drive by Pensacola’s two abortion facilities without thinking about what is going on.  With 40 Days for Life you are given a wonderful opportunity to become involved in the pro-life movement.  40 Days for Life grounds in the right approach (PEACEFUL PRAYERFUL PUBLIC WITNESS and FASTING).  God is calling each and every one of us to do something.  How will you answer the call? To pray in front of the 9th Avenue abortion facility (near Superior furniture), go to the vigil schedule, enter your e-mail address and this will allow you enter the time and date you would like to pray in front of that abortion facility.  May the Peace of Christ be with you!