The third annual 40 Days for Life campaign will commence on September 23rd here in Pensacola as we join 212 other cities around the country and the world!  We have had an amazing local response to 40 Days for Life.  Each day more and more people are signing up to be part of our local campaign.  Just the other day we had another church sign up to take a day (24 hours) to pray in front of the 9th Avenue abortion facility.  Praise God!  Please let us know if you are working with your church and if there are plans to take a day or a block of time to pray in front of the 9th Avenue abortion facility.  E-mail us.

If you haven’t already, this week, set up an appointment to meet with your pastor to get your church involved with 40 Days for Life.  Please e-mail us if you have any questions.

Send information about 40 Days for Life to all your friends.  E-mail, Facebook, twitter, and any blogs you may have are great places to share information with others about the local 40 Days for Life campaign.  Ask to speak about 40 Days for Life this Sunday at the end of your church service.

Most importantly over the next few weeks we need each and every one of you to pray and fast for the success of this campaign.

Also, please join us this Friday, in front of the 9th Avenue abortion facility, Community Health Care Center of Pensacola, 6770 North 9th Avenue, as we pray there every Friday morning when abortions take place.  Each week here in Pensacola, on average 50 children lose their life in the name of choice.  We hope to see you this Friday between the hours of 5 AM and 12 PM.