Q: Does Prayer and Fasting really work?

A: Yes it does!

40 Days for Life does indeed work through the intercession of our Lord, Christ Jesus!
Just take a look at these numbers:

A mother chose life this Thursday afternoon in Pensacola!  She was three weeks along.  She received one of the new “There is Hope” pamphlets which were made for the new Sidewalk Advocates for Life program.  After reading this she chose to keep her baby and seek help from one of our local pregnancy resource centers!  Hallelujah!  This is the 15th mother to choose life during this spring’s 40 Days for Life in Pensacola!

And tomorrow, Palm Sunday, April 13, 40 Days for Life comes to an end.  We will close this spring campaign with a Jericho March and Victory Celebration at 3 PM in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility at 6115 Village Oaks Drive.  Invite others to join you.  We’ll see you Palm Sunday at 3 PM, the Hour of Mercy.

Together in service to Christ and his children.


Please pray for a local mother who was very abortion minded….and is now a VERY BRAVE MOTHER in need of your prayers!  The father of the child conviced the mother to not go through with the abortion.  She continued to contemplate abortion as she has had many abortions in the past, and suffers from Post Abortion Stress Syndrome.  She feels incapable of mothering a child, and is very open to adoption .  Many people between sidwalk counselors, pregnancy resource center counselors, maternity home conselors and now adoption resource counselors are working to help this very fragile mother to create and adoption plan that she feels most comfortable with.  She has already met with a mother  for her child. Please pray for this mother and this couple praying to adopt, that God will give them all the strength, love, mercy, and healing that they need to proceed with these adoption plans and provide a most beautiful future for this baby.

Below is a powerful story written by a mother who gave her child up for adoption.  Have a box of tissues close by.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Am a Birth Mother

My hope in writing this post; is that I can be a voice for other women like me.
I know there has to be stories just like mine. Women who have been where I have been. I’ve never met another birth mother…but then, we don’t exactly wear it on our shirts do we?
There is so much more to adoption than the child. Not every child who is adopted was first an orphan. Not every child who is adopted was unwanted. I believe there is only love in adoption.
Only love.
Even if the birth mother can’t say it or even see it; there is only love. Even if she can’t understand it; giving the child a life is only love.
But I know my story isn’t the only one that gets told this way…
and there’s so much to say…and never enough words….I’ve never really told my story, not like this….so here it is, in the best I can give…..

When I was eighteen years old, I got pregnant. The first time I had sex.
The first time I had sex; I wasn’t planning on having sex. I was planning on having dinner with a guy who said he wanted to have dinner. I found myself in a situation I didn’t really know how to get myself out of. I was a girl. I was naive. I was foolish. I guess I thought that if I just gave in, got it over with; I could go home and forget the whole thing.
Honestly; I don’t know what I thought. I don’t know why I didn’t just punch him as hard as I could in the balls & leave…maybe that’s something you learn from time….(or maybe that’s something you learn in looking back and you definitely tell your daughters to do…)
It was awkward, and ugly, and not at all what it should have been.
I was an eighteen year old girl who didn’t keep track of when my period came or didn’t come; because whether or not it came exactly every 28 days didn’t make the difference between pregnant or not.
I had no idea when I was supposed to get it, but after a couple weeks; I was paranoid that I wasn’t going to get it. And I called him to tell him so. He took the Lord’s name in vain & said to me, “….that’s really what I need in my life right now, Kaedra. F***. Thanks.”
And that’s the last time I ever spoke to him.
In the days and weeks after; my brain was a jumbled wreck. It ruined me. All I could think of was how awful an experience it was. And I promised myself I would wipe that experience from my memory the first chance I got. I would just “replace” my first time with another first time. A “better” first time.
Nobody knew I’d done it. Not even my best friend. Just me.
Just me and God.
Just me and God, and the devil.
The latter of whom, twisted and tortured me with it.

And a handful of weeks later, I was presented with that chance I was planning on, and I took it.
And it really wasn’t any better.
And I hadn’t fixed a single thing…since I was already pregnant.

I found out for sure in a McDonald’s bathroom stall. Alone. I read the box in my car, then threw it away before I walked in, hiding the pregnancy test in my pocket. When the test results came back, my brain was so dizzy that I couldn’t remember which lines meant yes, and which lines meant no. So I drove back to CVS to buy another one, and went through the whole thing again.
I think when I took the first test…I knew. I think before I even bought the first test I knew.
But when I took that second test, I sat right there on the dirty, disgusting McDonald’s bathroom floor and cried. The floor felt much cleaner than I felt of myself.

I lived at home.
I was supposed to be the virgin daughter of the preacher.
I was scared, and ashamed, and sick.

I worked as a server then. I couldn’t focus at all at work that night, and when my boss pulled me aside to ask me what was wrong; I told her. She was the first person I told. The first thing she asked was had I told my parents. When I said no, she told me not to worry; we’d figure it out. I asked her if I was going to get fired.
I don’t know why I thought I would get fired, or why that was important to me. I guess I just assumed every grown-up in the world believe in purity, and none of them would want to have a single, pregnant teenager working for them.
Like I said, I was naive.

In the weeks before I told my parents, a girl I worked with somehow figured it out one night. And the next day, she pulled me into the corner, opened my hand, and put a scrap of paper in it. She closed my fingers over it with her own, and said, “I’ll give you a ride.”
I asked her what it was, and she told me, “it’s the number for an abortion clinic.”
I jerked my hand from hers and dropped the paper to the floor. I felt sick, and suddenly very heavy, and so hot.
She said, “Kaedra, your dad is a preacher! You need to take care of this before you start to show. They will burn you at the stake.”
And I said with tears in my eyes, “then I’ll go down in flames…”

Of course I didn’t want to be pregnant. But I was. Of course I didn’t want to bring that shame upon my family, and myself. But I would. There was a life inside me. A real, heart-beating, life. And my only job from then on out, no matter what, was to keep it going.
At night I cried into my pillow as silently as I could. I dreamed about running away, and then coming home in 9 months. But where could I go?And how would I explain?
I remember seeing something in the back of a Point of Grace cd, about a place for pregnant girls, a safe haven of sorts. I think it was even free to go…but you had to tell your parents first. I couldn’t think of how to tell my parents. I told my best friend, and she drove me to the Pregnancy Resource Center in the next town over where they confirmed what I already knew.
I decided to write a letter to my parents to give to them. I kept it in my purse for a few days; but left my purse in another friend’s car, where she found it and read it.
I know my friend meant well; but her showing up at my door the next morning and making me tell my parents…was the worst possible thing.
As an adult now; I can imagine how I would feel if my daughter told me something so personal and heartbreaking, while she sat between two girls who weren’t mine.
My mom cried silently. My dad just looked out the window. They dismissed my friends, and my dad mentioned reading a prayer request for a couple who wanted to adopt a baby…

My parents were amazing. They were obviously disappointed in me. But they never, never, never, not one time ever made me feel like they loved me any less, or that they would not stand with me through it all.
The coming days, and weeks, and months were awful for my family. The church that we thought was our refuge and our home, became a nightmare that some of us still struggle with today; twelve years later. Friends became enemies, and sinners showed their sinful hearts.
I felt betrayed. I felt unloved. I felt as though I was a stain that needed to be swiftly & quietly removed from there.
The church was split. Split beyond repair. There were people who stood by us, but there were just as many who did not.
My dad resigned.
We retreated to our home; where we became closer to each other. Most days; it was our refuge.
And some days it felt like our captivity.

I can’t remember exactly when I decided that I wanted to place my child for adoption. I cried and prayed so many nights about it…my parents were incredible, and were prepared to support me in whatever my decision was; which they left entirely up to me. My brothers were amazing, too. They never treated me any differently. I knew if I decided to raise my child, they would all have played such important roles in that life.
But when I made up my mind; I knew, that I knew, that I knew…that this child growing inside me, was always supposed to be someone else’s child. When I made up my mind, I never changed it. I never wavered in my decision. I was certain, full of faith, that I was doing exactly what God had planned for me, and for my firstborn child.

I don’t remember how we got in contact with them, but we reached out to the couple my dad had received the prayer request for. We went through the legal process of an open adoption. The birth father needed to sign a surrender form. The attorney made several attempts to contact him, and even mailed him the paperwork, asking him to sign it, have it notarized, and mail it back. When she still didn’t hear from him; she just went right to his  job. Obviously I wasn’t there, but I gathered from her that he said something similar to what he said to me that day on the phone; and asked for a pen.

We met the adopting parents, we spent time with them. When my mom & I went to the ultrasound to find out the sex; we went shopping and mailed them a reveal package full of blue.

They were beautiful, and wonderful, and exactly perfect for my child, and I knew it. I never doubted it. It felt right, because it was right. It is an amazing experience…to walk through something so incredible, and know you are seeing, and feeling, and being, exactly what God had planned for you before time began….to see how He makes beauty from ashes….

I went into labor on a hot summer day, my due date, actually. I remember my dad pushing me into the hospital in a wheelchair, and getting suddenly very overwhelmed and crying that it was finally happening. It was such a strange mix of emotions….there was a small fear gripping me, or maybe a bittersweet sorrow…that my time with my son was coming to a close. The nights that I couldn’t sleep from the heartburn, so I would sit up in bed with headphones on my stomach, playing music and talking to him. The little flutters, and hiccups, and kicks…it was time to pass on the duty of caring for his precious life.
And at the same time, I was full of joy. A family of 2 was becoming a family of 3. A husband and wife were becoming a mom and a dad. That’s always exciting.
They met us at the hospital, and came in the room to visit with me before the labor got too intense.
The delivery was a little wild, and I really don’t remember everything that happened, but I know I was close to being an emergency c-section. Even still; he came out healthy, and alive, and well.
My parents were both there with me, and my dad got to cut the umbilical cord. We spent a few minutes with him, holding him and seeing him before my dad carried him to meet his parents for the first time.
He was quite surely the most perfect thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I loved him with a bursting love. It took less than a moment to know that I wanted every single best thing in the world for him. That I wanted him to be safe, and loved, and happy, and blessed, and to know joy all the days of his life. It took less than a moment to know in the depths of my heart, and in every part of my being that I would give up my life for his to keep going. I wanted to give him every good thing. And I knew I was giving him the first good thing, and the best thing I could. A mom and a dad. A mom and a dad who were ready for him, ready to love him, ready to teach him. Ready to be parents, and not just kids themselves.
He was mine. And he was theirs. And there’s no other way to say that or to elaborate that….

My son’s parents were adopting “out of state”; their home wasn’t here. So they had to stay in the state for so many days before we could complete final paperwork. We visited them at their hotel, and they visited us at our home. It was such an intimate and special bonding time for us all. We were two families, but we were one.

I have never regretted my decision.
I have never regretted my decision.
That being said…in the days after giving birth; when I went home to recover; I was a mess. My body was a wreck. My heart was tired. I was happy, and content with everything that had taken place. But my body expected there to be a baby to hold, to nurse, to care for. My arms ached, my chest hurt like nothing I’d ever felt. I would cry, great heaving cries. I missed him, but not in a way that I wanted him for myself. I still, all this time later, can’t explain it rightly…
Unless you’ve walked where I’ve walked…you just really can’t understand…
I didn’t “wish” I’d kept him…but he had been with me for so long…he grew beside my heart. His heart knew my heart in a way, at the time; that no other heart knew. Of course I loved him. Of course I missed him. The heart misses what makes it whole. He was a part of me. He is a part of me. He is the first piece of my heart that walks, and breathes, and lives outside of me. There will always be a separation, a missing piece, a place only he fills.

The doctor put me on a sleep aid, but it made my dreams so crazy. I would wake my parents up screaming and crying. I had nightmares I couldn’t escape. It was a hard way to heal….but I did heal. I did stop hurting, the nightmares went away, and I slept on my own.

My son’s parents sent me letters, and cards, and pictures, and videos, too. I sent birthday cards, and Christmas cards. We kept in touch. And I got to see my son grow, and change, and look like me, and be left-handed like me. We met for dinner once when he was six years old. It was so fun to spend time with him, and talk to him about what he wants to be when he grows up, what he likes in school, the things he likes to do. As the years have gone by, the letters and pictures are further apart. Of course the further into technology we go; letters in mailboxes get less and less. And that’s okay.
Mostly, I see his life in snapshots.
And I rejoice greatly in each of them. His life brings joy to me.
Beauty from ashes…

There has not been one day, not one single day in the 4,178 days that have passed since he was born; that he has not quietly passed through my mind for a moment or more. Sometimes it’s only a thought at the end of the day that is, “I almost went the whole day without thinking about him once…”
And then I’m thinking about him.
His life changed mine. In all the best ways.

As a girl who had given birth; I knew who I was. I knew I was a mother, a birth mother. It was solid. It was sure. It was beauty, and good, and right.

As a girl who had a terrible experience with a man; I was lost.
As a girl who had a terrible experience with a church; I was bitter.

It took me years, and mistakes, and finally letting go of trying to control how my life went; to find peace. And to find healing. To find mercy, and truth, and incredibly beautiful redeeming grace.
It took me over a decade to stop thinking that “being the preacher’s daughter who got pregnant before she got married” was who I was. It took me all that time to stop caring what any-earthly-body thought of me.
For years I was angry at the man who got me pregnant. I hated him. But God can change a sinner’s heart. And I let go of that anger. And I forgave him; even though I’ve not seen him since that night. Nor spoke to him since that day.
And honestly; even though I’ve forgiven him, truly forgiven him…I don’t know what I’d do if I found myself face to face with him. It makes my hands shake and my heart race to think about it. It’s not something I would ever want to actually happen.
And for the longest time I never wanted to see a long list of people from the church my dad was the preacher of, either. And I’ll be honest…I did not have loving feelings for them.
But God has a sense of humor doesn’t He? And today; I see some of those people quite often. And I don’t feel the slightest pang of anger or hurt. And I don’t feel like all they see is the girl who got pregnant.

A week before I met my husband; I decided to let go…to follow God where He was going to lead me anyway. To follow without kicking and screaming. And the day I met my husband; the moment he was walking through the doors of the bank I was working in; I was praying for God to show me where my path was taking me.
And I’ve found so much healing. So much joy. So much peace, with my husband, with our children, and in our life.
After I gave birth to my first son; I was terrified, for years, to have any more children.
I was scared he would think I didn’t love him if I had “my own” children. I was even more terrified to have another boy. That he would think I replaced him. Or that he wasn’t good enough, and they were.

And honestly…sometimes even now…the devil will creep in and try to fill me with that fear. It can be crippling. But God is bigger than the devil. And the truth always has the final say. And I still know, that I know, that I know, that he was always supposed to be exactly who he is, with exactly the parents he has.

My lastborn child, the boy who calls me mom, was born on a hot summer day, in the same month, two weeks (and nine years) behind my firstborn. He’s left handed, too. I call them “My August Boys”.
Like I said, God has a sense of humor, doesn’t He?

I have started writing this post….so many…so, so, so many times. And I’ve never been able to finish it. There’s always more to say. Even now, there’s so much more to it; to me, to him, to his parents, than I can’t put into words. But my hope is that this will suffice. To help…in some way…people who don’t understand. To give a voice and a story to other birth moms who maybe can’t put theirs into words yet.

And I also want to say….now that you have read this; here are some things to stop saying to birth moms~

“I’m so sorry, I had no idea.”
Sorry for what? Don’t give me your condolences. I am not in mourning. There was not a life taken. There was a life given.
Given by my own accord.
Not taken from me.
Don’t tell me you’re sorry. I’m not.

“I could never give my child up for adoption.”

All this implies is that a birth mom didn’t love her child as much as you love your child. This says that the birth mom was careless, or selfish. This. Is. Not. The right thing to say.
To that I always want to say, “Why couldn’t you? Why couldn’t you give your child the best possible life you could at that time in your life? Why couldn’t you choose life and love over anything else? Why would you even have to think about that for a nano second?”

“Did you not want the baby?”
Just. Don’t.
Of course I wanted him. I wanted him to live, to love, to flourish. If someone said, “hey you can breathe, or he can, what do you pick?” I’d start holding my breath.
Just. Don’t. 

“I’m sure it was the best thing/right thing for you at the time.”
Does anybody really, truly believe that birth mothers choose adoption for their own sake? It wasn’t best for me.
Birth mothers don’t think of themselves first. If it was best for the birth mother, she’d probably be the only mother.

“Well you made the right decision.”
Maybe you think this is encouraging. But it’s not. It’s quite judgmental, actually. Do you go around to young, single mothers & say, “You made the wrong decision!”
Probably not. So don’t say that.

“Does he know that you’re his real mom?”
Uuuuuuum he knows that his mom is his real mom. He knows that I’m his birth mom. And by the way, when you say “real mom”, do you mean that there are pretend moms, fake moms? What makes a mom a “real” mom? I’m really his real, real-life birth mom. And his real mom, who is real, is his real-life, real mom. Who happened to adopt him.
Stop saying this.

There’s too many things wrong with how people approach adoption stories, and the real-life people who are a part of them. Maybe it’s just because people who have never been a part of it just don’t know enough about it….I don’t know.
But I do know the best thing you can say to a birth mom is this, “You are so brave. You must really love your child.” and leave it at that. And on the flip side; the best thing you can say to an adopted mom (or dad) is “You are so brave. You must really love your child.” and leave it at that.

There is only love in adoption.
Only love.


**follow up here ** {edited 1/25/2014}

Taken Fron:  http://raisingbluebirds.blogspot.com/2014/01/i-am-birth-mother.html?m=1

Events this week

Closing Mass for 40 Days for Life at Little Flower Parish in Pensacola – Saturday, April 12th at 8:15 AM – 6495 Lillian Hwy, Pensacola



Jericho March and Victory Celebration for 40 Days for Life – Sunday, April 13th at 3 PM – In front of the American Family Planning abortion facility, 6115 Village Oaks Dr.


We will march together 7 times in front of the American Family Planning facility in prayerful silence.  After the seventh time, we will altogether ask Jesus to end abortion in Pensacola seven times.  This is an event you do not want to miss!  We will also celebrate the blessings from this 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola.

Also, this past Friday, we began a novena of prayers which will continue through Saturday, April, 12th.  You are welcome to join us in this novena of prayers. 

Prayer to St. Jude

O holy St. Jude, great in grace, rich in miracles,

Faithful intercessor of all who invoke your patronage in time of

Need.  I come to you seeking your special aid before the throne

of Almighty God.  Help me in my present and urgent petition.

(State your prayer request – For the ending of abortion in Pensacola)

In gratitude, I promise to make your name known,

So that others can invoke your heavenly assistance,

To the glory of God and for the good of souls.  Amen.


Saint Pio Prayer

O God, You gave Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, Capuchin priest,

The great privilege of participating in a unique way in the

Passion of Your Son.

Grant me through his intercession the grace (mention your petition)

of the ending of abortion in Pensacola which I ardently desire;

And above all, grant me the grace of living in conformity with

The death of Jesus, to arrive at the glory of the resurrection.

Glory be to the Father…. (repeat three times)

For 40 years we focused on overturning Roe v. Wade in Washington, D.C. But the baby saved by a sidewalk counselor today has overturned Roe. When we run abortionists out of clinics, we overturn Roe. When we close a clinic, we save babies, and Roe is overturned.  – Troy Newman

Today in Pensacola, Roe was overturned.  Below is the direct account from the  sidewalk counselor who was part of this save this morning.

Can we pray before you go in there?  Asked one of the sidewalk counselors to a couple entering the abortion facility this morning in Pensacola.  They appeared to avoid her question and entered the building.  Not long after their entry, the couple came out.  The woman was visibly shaking and had a look of fear upon her face.  She was asked by the same sidewalk counselor, “Did you keep your baby?”  She replied, “Yes, I’m not going to do it.  I can’t do it.”    Rejoicing the sidewalk counselor stated, “This is wonderful!  Come, let’s pray together.  We need to celebrate that today your baby will live.” Before they began to pray she asked, “What do you need for your baby?”  They said, “We don’t need anything.”  The counselor said, “Because of your decision today God will provide for your child.  God will make everything work out for you guys.  Don’t worry.  Being here today and praying with us is God’s sign showing you he is going to take care of you.”  The counselor prayed for mercy and guidance for this couple and their new baby.  As they prayed the mother was visibly touched and she began to cry and thanked those present.  This morning, this mother felt the love of Christ on the sidewalk and Roe v. Wade was overturned!






No, I could not do it

As one mother, who came by herself, passed by the 40 Days for Life participants today, she was asked if she had an abortion.  Her response, “No, I could not do it.”

Praise to Lord!  Another mother chooses life!  But there is more.  Last Thursday and Friday, we learned that four other mothers chose life (two on Thursday and two on Friday).  In each account they drove into the driveway, never got out of their car, and drove away, never to be seen again.  That makes thirteen (13) lives saved so far this spring.  This is the direct result of the God-given graces that occur during 40 Days for Life.  You are witnessing the power of prayer and fasting!

Thank you to everyone that has come out during this 40 Days campaign, especially to Avalon Baptist that came out today.  This is the first campaign they have participated in.  And to everyone, keep coming out over the next 9 days and witness the blessings of 40 days for Life!

If you attend the University of West Florida please make every effort to attend this meeting below or you know someone who does, please share this information.  This is a vitally important ministry on the campus of UWF.  Without continued leadership this group is in jeopardy of ceasing to exist.  So if you are a UWF student and receiving this message, please attend this critical meeting on Wednesday.  Please read the message below from our current UWF Student’s for Life President.

Hello everyone,
We will have a extremely important UWF students for life meeting  coming up this Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014, at 8pm, over at the UWF University …Commons, room 268. We will discussing officer election information for next year’s exec board, local pro-life events that are going on in the next couple of weeks, and maybe plan a pro-life event or 2 ourselves. In regards to the officer positions for next year’s UWF students for life executive board, all positions on the executive board are available, and those positions are as follows:
Vice President
Since the current students who are currently occupying the executive board are either transferring or graduating right after this semester, we are in a big need of strong  pro-life students at UWF who are willing and able to take these leadership roles for next year’s  UWF students for life executive board. If you are a current student at UWF and are strongly pro-life, we need you to come to this meeting Wednesday night.
For Life,
Chris Marco
UWF students for Life President
P.S. If you are unable to make it to Wednesday night’s meeting, and you would like to sign up for one of the listed executive board positions for UWF students for life for next year, please send an email to cwm9@students.uwf.edu, with your name and the position that you want to apply for.

Has the rainy weather dampened your plans this Saturday?  Now is your opportunity to attend this Saturday’s Sidewalk Advocacy training!  This something you do not want to miss!

Saturday, March 29th from 10 AM until 3 PM

St. Paul’s Catholic Church “Music Room” (The music room is located off the gymnasium)

3131 Hyde Park Road in Pensacola

Lunch will be provided!

Would you like to learn how to help women in unplanned, crisis pregnancies choose life at the abortion center? Sidewalk Advocates for Life offers a peaceful, prayerful, law-abiding sidewalk advocacy method that seeks to reach that woman’s heart and fill her needs so she can confidently choose life! Our next training will be held on Saturday, March 29th from 10 AM until 3 PM at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, the Music Room, 3131 Hyde Park Road.  If you would like to learn this method and check out our program, please contact the Emerald Coast Coalition for Life at 850-889-1035 or eccflife@gmail.com


Thank you to everyone that came out tonight for the R0sary with Bishop Parkes!  Thank you to Bishop Parkes for all of his support!  We had a crowd of over 120 people join us this evening.  We celebrated the eight lives saved here in Pensacola over the past twenty days and the two hundred eleven lives saved around the world!  We listened to the song by Matthew West titled, “Do Something” and sang it together.  It was a beautiful night for life!  Please see pictures from tonight’s vigil with Bishop Parkes below.  Don’t forget about the Sidewalk Advocates for Life training this Saturday, March 29th at 10 AM, St. Paul’s Parish in Pensacola!  RSVP if you plan to attend.

God has called each an everyone of us to do something.  He created us for a time such as this.  A time to no longer stand still but a time to act in defense of life.  A time to be that shining beacon on the hill, to proclaim the truth that all life matters from fertilization to natural death.  We will never end abortion if we keep telling ourselves it is somebody else’s job.  No, it is each and everyone of us that are called to stand up for all life.  If not YOU, then who?  Who will be the one to rise up from the plague of apathy that drowns out the voices of the unborn, that does not hear the cries of the post-abortive mother needing healing after abortion, that does not offer hope to the clinic worker?  You my brothers and sisters in Christ are the ones being called.  Will you rise up to the challenge and “Do Something?” 

YouTube Preview Image

Bishops Rosary Spring 2014 P1060122 P1060125 P1060126 P1060127 P1060128 P1060129 P1060131 P1060132

Monday, March 24th at 7 PM - Candlelight Vigil and Rosary with Bishop Parkes in front of the abortion facility, 6115 Village Oaks Drive

Saturday, March 29th from 10 AM until 3 PMSidewalk Advocacy Training in the “Music Room” at St. Paul’s 3131 Hyde Park Rd, Pensacola.  Lunch and workbook provided.  A donation will be accepted.  Please message us if you plan to attend.  This training is brought to you locally by the Emerald Coast Coalition for Life.  Pensacola is privileged to be part of the inaugural roll out of sidewalk advocacy training from Sidewalk Advocates for Life.  We are joining twenty-one other cities around the country and around the world as we launch this one of a kind, professional training program.  The goal is equip individuals, like yourself, with the tools to effectively engage in meaningful conversations with individuals seeking abortions in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility.  The final endpoint is to have professionally trained sidewalk advocates scheduled to cover shifts in front of our local abortion facility every hour they are open.  So clear your calendars for next Saturday, so you can be part of the new face of pro-life in Pensacola!  This training is a game-changer!    Here is a link to the flyer http://40daysforlifepensacola.com/2014/03/sidewalk-advocacy-training-march-29/

Link to the national Sidewalk Advocates for Life home page:  http://sidewalkadvocates.org/

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 12th at 8:15 AMClosing Mass at Little Flower Parish, 6495 Lillian Hwy, Pensacola.

Sunday, April 13th at 3 PM - Jericho March and the Closing Celebration of the 12th 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola!



It never gets old

For a second Friday in a row, the abortion facility in Pensacola was not as busy as they typically are.  Their busy day has now become Thursday.  The abortionist left around 9:30 AM today when he usually leaves around noontime.  This is a good sign.  They are changing their routines.  This is a direct result of 40 Days for Life.

On top of this good news, we witnessed an even better result.  Two mothers chose life this Friday morning in Pensacola.  I was able to speak with one father and mother as the drove by us.  I asked, ”Did you keep your baby?”  The father responded, ”Yes we did!”  The mother then confirmed with a big smile and said, “Yes.”  Praise to you Lord, Jesus Christ!

No, matter how often I hear those words, it never gets old.  It’s priceless.

Thank you to members of West Florida Baptist, St. Sylvester’s, St. Mary’s Ft. Walton, St. Paul’s, St. Rose of Lima, Little Flower, Olive Baptist, and others who came out to pray today!