Q: Does Prayer and Fasting really work?

A: Yes it does!

40 Days for Life does indeed work through the intercession of our Lord, Christ Jesus!
Just take a look at these numbers:

Labor Day vigil…
A group will be gathering at 10 AM Monday morning to say a Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility, 6115 Village Oaks Drive in Pensacola.

40 DFL Bishop Rosary Fall 2014

Next Saturday, August 23rd, Little Flower Parish, will host our third Sidewalk Advocates for Life training. Training will take place from 9 AM until approximately 2 PM in the Parish Hall at Little Flower Church. RSVP, by this Friday, August 22nd, if you plan to attend by e-mailing the Emerald Coast Coalition for Life at eccflife@gmail.com or calling 850-889-1035.

Since we launched this new program in April, we have been able to…
– Help over twenty mothers choose life
– Help one abortion facility worker leave their job and one security guard leave his
– Assist mothers, fathers, and families that need healing after abortion.
– Hand out over 750 “There is Hope” brochures to mothers in need (this brochure contains a list of most of the resources avaialbe for



40 DFL Kick Off Fall 2014

This Saturday, August 9th at 9 AM at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 519 N Palafox St in Pensacola a major planning meeting will take place that you will not want to miss.

We will planning two major pro-life events, the next 40 Days for Life campaign beginning September 23rd, and the next Emerald Coast Coalition for Life banquet with Abby Johnson on November 11th.

We need your help in order to make both of these events a success!  Please e-mail us at eccflife@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

For Their Lives,




Rite For The Blessing Of A Child In The Womb

The next Sidewalk Advocates for Life training in Pensacola is Saturday, August 23rd from 9 AM until 2 PM at Little Flower Parish in Pensacola, 6495 Lillian Hwy. Please RSVP by e-mailing us at eccflife@gmail.com or calling 850-889-1035 by Thursday, August 21.  Since beginning this training program in Pensacola in April 2014, we have been able to help 22 mothers choose life and assist 2 workers leave Pensacola’s last remainig abortion facility!  All glory to God!  Be a part of the movement that is changing the face of pro-life in Pensacola!

On Tuesday, July 1 at 8 PM CST, Sidewalk Advocates for Life will host the “Game-Changer” teleconference and webcast.  This webcast will feature stories from local communities that have adopted the techniques taught by Sidewalk Advocates for Life.  Pensacola will be featured, as our very own program director, Dr. Ernie Cyr, will be a special guest highlighting the many successes seen because of the training provided by Sidewalk Advocates for Life!  This event will also feature Dr. Pat Castle, Lauren Muzyka, Abby Johnson, Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, Dan Miller and Kathy Forck.  This is an event you will not want to miss so reserve your spot today!

Sign up here!  http://sidewalkadvocates.org/webcast/

Thursday, as I was driving away from the abortion facility, I saw Ernie Cyr, leaning next to a car window, talking to a young woman who had pulled over to the side of the road. He was giving her a flyer with all of the local resources and options available to her that wouldn’t result in an abortion. I literally did a double take. We have loads of people standing outside the facility that can’t get a conversation started with the men and women walking through the parking lot to save their lives and Ernie gets one started with a woman driving down the road! I immediately said “How does he do that?” So I asked him. He said “It’s the sidewalk advocacy training.”

Yes, it is true, the training program from Sidewalk Advocates for Life has assisted myself and others trained, in the establishment of a well thought out game plan.  Instead of guessing at words to say, you are equipped with best practices, that maximize your effectiveness as a sidewalk advocate.

After our last training in March, I have practiced the skills introduced by this wonderful program and I have noticed a HUGE difference in how mothers and fathers react to us.  I have been able to personally speak with several mothers and hand them life-saving literature.  At least 8 mothers have chosen life and hundreds of mothers have been given life-saving information.  Not to mention, the meainingful dialogue that has been established between those trained in the strategy of advocacy and the clinic workers.  Never have I given out so much literature.  When y0u couple these approaches with prayer in front of the abortion facility you have a very effective strategy for ending abortion in Pensacola.

One of the abortion facility workers, who quit just a few weeks ago, gave us some affirmation regarding the effectiveness of this training program.  She said, “Keep doing what we are doing because women are changing their minds!”  Need anymore proof that the Sidewalk Advocates for Life training program is a “Game-Changer?”


So if you want to “get your conversation started” then come to the Sidewalk Advocacy training next Saturday, June 21!  It is from 10-3 at St. Sylvester’s in Navarre, Classroom 1.  There is a cost of $25 dollars for the lunch and training materials provided.  RSVP to this event via e-mail eccflife@gmail.com or call 850-889-1035.

For Their Lives,





Last week, Pensacola lost two young pro-life advocates, David and Gregory Florian.  David Florian, 26, was an active participant with 40 Days for Life Pensacola and was a member of the Emerald Coast Coalition for Life (ECCFL) and an active participant in the ECCFL education team.  David also prayed each Thursday with his siter Rosa in front of Pensacola’s last remaining abortion facility.  Below is Rosa’s reflection and her challenge to us all.  Will you stand by idly when your neighbor’s life is at stake?  (scroll down)
You shall not go about spreading slander among your kinsmen; nor shall you stand by idly when your neighbor’s life is at stake. I am the LORD. Leviticus 19:16
I have heard and memorized the traditional 10 commandments all my life, but there is a slightly different version that came up in the daily mass readings a couple of months ago.  This particular verse of that reading has stayed with me and stuck in my ears.  It rings in my ears because this is the sin that I think our country will be convicted of.  Those who are politically motivated call the baby a blob of tissue or a lump of cells (spreading slander and lies about the unborn).  This is used to convince many of a right to abortion so many good Catholics even stand by idly while our neighbor’s life is at stake.  I used to think that I should be going to the abortion mill to pray during the killing hours.  But I was homeschooling my children and taking several children out to the mill in the middle of the day is quite a project.  Finally I found a way to slip it into our schedule.  Then it became a need.  When I was pregnant with Raphael (who died of anencephaly) I felt it.  When I had a miscarriage I felt it.  Now that my brothers have died, especially David who used to go out there and pray with me I feel it the need to be out there.  Today we went to 9:00 am mass at St. Mary’s and then to the abortion mill to pray the rosary.  Usually I am in a hurry because I have to feed the children and get David to voice lessons by 12:00 noon.  Today David was sick and so I left him behind and took the youngest four and decided to stay a little longer.  Doris was there with Jasmine and Jenna we were talking and this woman pulled in. She stepped out of the car not 20 feet from me she was close enough I could have spoken to her.  I wanted to speak to her so badly, but I did not want to speak at her. I did not want to yell out some meaningless phrase that would only make her block us out even more.  I wished that I could sit down with her on the couch and have a talk or share a cup of coffee and listen what had brought her to this point.  I wished that I could walk along side her as she approached the door to really speak to her heart.  But I was frozen I could not think of any words; no words would do.  I prayed to Our Lord please let my brother David walk with her follow her into that place that I could not go and speak to her heart of the love of God for her.  I had the feeling of Jesus nailed to the cross watching while the person He is dying for commits a mortal sin.  He does not intervene or take away their free will.  He does not leave the cross He stays.  He loves that person immensely in their sin and He offers Himself to the Father in their stead.  He says, “Father forgive them they know not what they do.”  I felt my heart transfixed with that sword of sorrow from which caused blood and water to flow from His side and an ocean of mercy pour forth upon us.  I prayed that ocean of mercy upon those in that mill and I asked Our Lord to send my brothers David and Gregory, my son Raphael, and my friend James Cane from heaven into that mill to speak to the hearts of all those inside.  There are no words to describe the evil in there.  This place was so busy today it looked like a McDonald’s drive thru.  I saw a woman walking towards the door and I had an image us being best friends some day and her telling a the story of when she first met me the crazy woman praying on the other side of the parking line.  I have often thought too that those babies being aborted could be the one God intended as the future spouse for my child.  It could be my grandchildren being murder or at the chance of them existing being murdered.  That is how I feel when I stand out there that though I don’t know these men and women they are my closest family and friends that I don’t know yet and they are in their darkest hour their worst trial.  I could accept the death of my brothers with peace and joy because I knew them to be in the state of grace and I believe with all the prayers and masses that have been offered for them I cannot think of them anywhere, but heaven.  How can I really be sorry for them or myself they have reached their goal they have won the prize!  Oh death where is your sting?  But at the mill it is so different, innocent babies are being murdered, people are walking in and committing mortal sin, walking out as empty tombs white washed sepulchers that are rotting within.  For this I can truly feel sorrow for this I can grieve more deeply than the loss of my brothers, even David whom I was so close too.  I am constantly thinking he will come up to me at any moment or that I see him as I walk out the church doors, but for him I am joyful.  No I cry for those dear unknown friends, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ whom I love that walk into that place of death. Do you understand my two twenty something year old brothers died and it made the news, it was a terrible tragedy they were good men and much loved, but there are babies probably 50+ today that died that will not make the news.  No one will mourn them in public.  There will be no line of people offering condolences and viewing their coffins.  There will be no hugs for their mother or father telling them, “we are sorry for your loss”.  There will be no obituary in the papers.  There will be no funeral procession or burial.  These babies were murdered today.  Their body parts were counted by the employee who does that job; not to give any respect to the body, but to make sure that all of the baby was removed from their mothers womb.  These babies will be disposed of as hazardous waste in those red lined trash cans you see the doctor throw away a syringe or a swab or gloves he used to examine an open wound.  The only true word here is WASTE.  Those lives that God sent into the world to be a gift, a unique and unrepeatable sign of His love for us, an image and likeness of Himself that will never be seen again, those lives have been wasted today.  I know that this may seem an odd way to be affected by the death of my brothers, but I feel the same way about their deaths as I did my miscarriages, they did not choose their death nor did I, but instead accept it from the Lord as a part of His mercy.  These abortions though are chosen deaths and they cry out to God for justice.  So I stand there outside this place of death and beg God to send His mercy.  Do you understand that these babies died in Pensacola today because we do not heed these words: You shall not go about spreading slander among your kinsmen; nor shall you stand by idly when your neighbor’s life is at stake. I am the LORD. Leviticus 19:16 I am sorry but, these are the thoughts I have.  It was a great joy and consolation to see my brothers so honored and to see the love that all have poured out on my family.  I have felt as though only consolations have been poured into our hearts and I am so grateful for all of our friends who strengthened us with their love.  The real wound that I feel in my heart, the real sorrow that tears at it is these babies and families that will never get to mourn their dead.  These babies who will not be carried into the church with baptismal pall placed over their coffin.  They will not be buried.  And who will console their parents?  Maybe I should not send this to anyone.  Maybe I should only tell you of my immense gratitude for the incredible love and support that I and my family have received which is more than I could have ever imagined.  I have felt more loved and more touched by the kindness and generosity of others this past week, than I have ever felt in my entire life.  So why not just share that beautiful incredible mercy of God which I have received?  Why tell you of the real sorrow that I felt today seeing the overwhelming juxtaposition of beauty and grace at my brothers death held side by side with the blackness and injustice of those lives that I witnessed being taken today.  Yes it hurt so much more to see those babies killed now that my brothers have died because those babies didn’t have to die today.  They didn’t have to. I wanted to say to that woman walking in my brothers just died, but your child doesn’t have to.  So my joy and peace is from my brothers  and my mourning and sorrow is for those poor babies at the mill. I stood there and in the face of death and I felt love.  Each of those men and women who went in there today I cherished dearly and I beg you to keep them in your prayers.  Gregory, David, Raphael, please intercede for them and us before the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus as we cry out, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” 
Yours in Christ,