Q: Does Prayer and Fasting really work?

A: Yes it does!

40 Days for Life does indeed work through the intercession of our Lord, Christ Jesus!
Just take a look at these numbers:

Less than one month from today, 40 Days for Life kicks off worldwide! It will be the 15th 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola! Please share this flyer on your Facebook or Twitter page. Circulate this in your church bulletins! Share it with your friends, family, prayer group, church community, bible study group, men’s group, women’s group, young adult group, etc. We need individuals, groups, and church communities to help us cover the ground in front of the American Family Planning abortion in prayer for 12 hours per day (6 AM to 6 PM) from September 23rd through November 1st. We have materials available to assist you to promote this life saving cause which has resulted in 157 lives saved right here in Pensacola, through God’s grace working through peaceful, prayerful sidewalk efforts.

40 Days of prayer…40 Days of fasting…40 Days of peaceful vigil…40 Days of community outreach

There is no greater time then now to be a part of the local solution to abortion. Be a part of this ministry of love, mercy, hope, and healing as we shine the light of Christ’s love on the darkest place in our town.

40 DFL Fall 2015 Promotional Flyer

Pensacola’s 15th 40 Days for Life campaign runs from September 23rd through November 1st! Come and celebrate with us on Tuesday, September 22nd, as we kick-off the fall 2015 40 Days for Life campaign.

Also, we will host a Sidewalk Advocates for Life training and information session on Saturday, September 12th!

The flyers below provide the details for both events.

40 DFL Kick Off Fall 2015

SAFL Training Sept 12 2015

Last week one of Pensacola’s sidewalk counselors had an article published in Ignitium Today. It’s a very well written article that prolifically captures what the Emerald Coast Coalition for Life promotes as an organization. We are very proud of our local author! We pray this motivates each and everyone of you to continue to remain faithful to the cause of life and join us each Thursday and Friday in front of Pensacola’s last remaining abortion facility. Are you willing to encounter the poor in spirit in love and be a bright light of Christ’s grace to these mother’s desperately needing someone to care?

By Mary Proffit

Every Friday morning, my mother and I visit the local abortion clinic. Women travel from three neighboring states to terminate their pregnancies. The doctor flies in from New Jersey because abortionists are so hard to find. As the sun rises, my mom and I kneel, pray, and sing hymns. This practice sobers and sanctifies our Friday mornings.

Our words have the power to give life and to convey forgiveness. Effective counseling cares for the woman, listens to her fears, her struggles, her motherhood. She needs to hear that someone cares and that there are people willing to walk alongside her. The prayers, fasting, and counseling of 40 Days for Life Pensacola saved fifty-three mothers from abortion last year. Two thousand were lost. Out of such darkness each of the lives saved shines as a flicker of hope, a soul who can change the world. During Lent, the clinic double-books its appointments because of the number of no-shows. Spiritual warfare is a powerful weapon. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Jesus gives us the words to pray, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Pope St. Gregory the Great asks, “Is it possible to offer, or even to imagine, a purer kind of prayer than that which shows mercy to one’s torturers by making intercession for them?” Humility and sorrow for our own sin antidote the temptation to self-righteousness. Like Father Zossima in The Brothers Karamazov we must claim, “I am guilty for the sins of the whole world, and I more than anyone else.” True pity and true charity demand that we see others as ignorant, deceived by Satan. The situation calls for utmost charity in our thoughts, words, and deeds. There is only one who ever suffered truly innocently, and he interceded for his persecutors.

I have met the perseverance and compassion of Jesus in the counselors who come on Friday mornings: A husband and wife team sing praise songs, hand out pamphlets, and bring their six children. A Latino woman cries out to each girl getting out of her car, “Chica, chica, don’t go in there.” Bundled in a fur hat and coat, a quiet, elderly, Russian woman wanders around praying a rosary that reaches to her knees. Lustania, a third order Franciscan, brings coffee or hot chocolate for the group on cold mornings. She holds a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and prays to St. Joseph. She lives the words of St. Francis: “It is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.” Any grace which we impart on others flows from the grace we have received from the fountain of life. We love the poor and helpless because we see Christ in them.

A woman with lines of pain and wisdom on her face holds a sign bearing, “I regret my abortion.” She explained to me that a woman’s conversion often comes at the moment of her abortion. Unable to descend any lower, she feels her conscience stir. In the words of Alice von Hildebrand, “To be conscious of one’s weakness and to trust in God’s help is the way to authentic strength and victory.” Often, only in the throes of darkness and pain can we realize our need for light and healing. The greatest saints are born out of repentance for the greatest sin. The centurion at the foot of the cross confessed, “Truly this man was the Son of God.” Hope, with perseverance, never disappoints, and God can soften hearts beyond our power to imagine.

The birth of a child has the power to transform each mother and father. Motherhood gives women the opportunity to, like Mary, say yes. “Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if she continues in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.” The call of motherhood is a call of sanctification, one of the highest vocations a woman can accept during her life, the opportunity to evangelize one’s own child. Mary tells the Angel Gabriel, “Behold the handmaiden of the Lord. Let it be to me according to your word.” Ecce ancilla Domini. Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum. Mary accepts the divine plan and plays a role in the salvation of mankind. God also uses our small expressions of humility, our own fiats, in conjunction with His great purpose of redemption.

The figure of Mary and the season of Advent provide a fitting framework to consider the tragedy of abortion. I first began going to the abortion facility during Advent with a local church who sang Christmas carols outside. As we consider Jesus’s birth, we also remember Herod’s slaughter of the innocents, the massacre of all male children under two years old. Matthew calls this event the fulfillment of the prophecy, “A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping. Rachel is weeping for her children; she refuses to be comforted for her children, because they are no more.”

As the blood of the innocents cries out from the ground, so the blood of Jesus calls out from the chalice. To begin Lent, we held a candlelight vigil on Ash Wednesday in which we prayed a Divine Mercy Chaplet, entreating God the Father, “For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.” The world needs mercy, and we channel that mercy. Through repentance and sorrow for our sin, we prepare ourselves to go out and to tend the Good Shepherd’s sheep. Whatever we do to the least of Christ’s brethren, we do unto Christ. The more dejected and hopeless the recipients, the more brightly His grace will shine.

There are many experiences that one can have while peacefully praying and offering counseling to mothers in front the abortion facility in Pensacola. But one of the most memorable occurred this Friday, April 11 and it came in an very unexpected way. As we stood handing out resources to moms returning to the abortion facility for follow up appointments, and offering alternatives to mothers coming for an abortion, one woman backed her car up to the area beside us. As she stepped out of her vehicle the first words out of her mouth to the sidewalk counselor there was, ” Can I ask you a question? Why are you standing here judging these women?” This is widely the first impression most entering the abortion facility assume is the motivation of those standing and praying in front of the abortion facility. Both those who are clients there and even some who have never stood in front of an abortion facility often think that this is the real purpose of people who stand in front of the abortion facility. For this woman…this day…she learned differently.
The sidewalk counselor explained to her that we are not at the abortion facility to judge anyone. We are there in love to offer women alternatives and that there is absolutely no reason for any woman to think that she “has” to have an abortion because we have a solution for her needs. The discussion continued and the counselor learned that she herself had an abortion there at the facility a month ago, and that she had just brought a friend for an abortion. The counselor expressed sorrow for this woman’s loss and offered post-abortion healing resources for her and her friend. The woman justified her abortion and talked about how by having an abortion she was preventing her child from having a future of being a fatherless child, being born into a culture with black oppression, and police brutality. The counselor then asked the question, “Would it be okay for a black unwed mother to take the life of her born child, who was born fatherless?” Her answer was no. Then the discussion moved to adoption. Could that have been an alternative to her abortion? The woman responded that she could not carry her baby and then give her baby up for adoption. The counselor responded that you did give up your child to someone else, and that was the abortion facility, 6115 Village Oaks Dr, Pensacola, the Integrity Medical Group (aka American Family Planning). The woman then said that her six week old “fetus” is the womb, was not viable. The counselor responded by saying, “right now in the city of Pensacola there are hundreds of patients in local hospitals that are on mechanical ventilators, dialysis, and or on tube feeding. These people are not viable, they require somebody else to keep them alive, just like a child living in the womb requires a mother to keep them alive. Would it be okay to take their lives because they can’t live on their own?” She responded no. So both agreed that it was not correct to take those non-viable human lives and that these are lives worth keeping alive and worth saving. As the conversation continued the woman’s demeanor changed dramatically. She asked, “How can you people stand outside an abortion facility and talk to people you don’t even know.” The response from the counselor was, “Because we love you.” “We love the workers here, we love the security people here, we love the mothers and fathers here, we love all that come here, and we want them to know that there are people who care and love them and that all human life matters. We want to love these mothers to a better place and we want all mothers here to know that abortion is never necessary. We want them to know that there is help and resources available in whatever community she lives in. We have the resources that can help her choose life for her child and not have to live with the regret and pain of abortion.” The counselor showed her picture of babies that have been spared from abortion, and told her the stories of how we have been able to help their moms. The woman’s response was the she was not surprised that the moms who talked with the sidewalk counselors outside the abortion facility chose life and that she believed this approach will eventually close this clinic down. The woman continued saying, “You people seem different than I thought you were. Why are you so different than anti-abortion protesters.” The counselor answered, “what makes us different is that we are not “protesting” …what makes us different is the fact that we are “women-centered, baby-centered, and most of all Christ-centered.” We are here in love, not protest. We are here to offer a better way, and life-giving alternatives to women.” After about an hour, the woman thanked the counselor for the information and for talking with her. Her final words to the counselor are ones that will forever ring in our ears. She said, “You are the type of people that can change the world.”

Dear friends of 40 Days for Life and Emerald Coast Coalition for Life. This woman’s words are both a summons and a reminder to us all! As disciples of Christ, if that is who we profess to be, “WE ARE THE TYPE OF PEOPLE THAT CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.” The SPIRIT we have been given is not a cowardly SPIRIT, but a fearless, persistent, SPIRIT OF LOVE, that conquers all death. This Divine Mercy Sunday, let us all pray that the mercy of Christ will propel each and every one of us to minister to women and men in need of love each week in front of the Integrity Medical Group (aka American Family Planning abortion facility, 6115 Village Oaks Dr. ) Your presence is needed especially when abortions are scheduled to take place, Thursdays from 8 am-4 pm and Friday’s from 5 am until 11 am.
If you feel called to counsel our brothers and sisters in need in front of an abortion facility, we have a professional sidewalk counseling training program entitled, “Sidewalk Advocates for Life.” Our next training will be held Saturday, April 18 from 9-2 pm at St. Thomas More Parish, Pensacola, 510 Bayshore Drive, Pensacola. Please contact the Emerald Coast Coalition for Life by Wednesday at [email protected] or call (850) 889-1035 to reserve your spot at the invaluable pro-life sidewalk counseling event.

Too important to miss

The Emerald Coast Coalition for Life will host the first Sidewalk Advocates for Life training session of 2015! Come and learn the peaceful, prayerful, loving, woman centered approach that helped save 53 lives, by the grace of God, in front of Pensacola’s last remaining abortion facility in 2014.

DATE: Saturday, April 18th
TIME: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
LOCATION: St. Thomas More Catholic Church Parish Hall, 510 Bayshore Drive, Pensacola
Cost: $25 per person to cover the cost for lunch and workbook
RSVP by Thursday, April 16th
Questions call 850-889-1035 or e-mail the Emerald Coast Coalition For Life at [email protected]

SAFL Flyer April 2015

Day 41: Thank you

low is from the 40 Days for Life national website…

Children who were scheduled to be aborted are alive today …because over these past 40 days, God blessed your prayers and peaceful vigil.

In fact, we know of …

… 402 babies saved from abortion during this 40 Days for Life campaign! TWELVE saved right here in Pensacola!

As we enter what’s often called “the week that changed the world,” we journey through the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior’s victory over death is the source of our hope – hope for ourselves … and hope for our culture.

Thank you for being that witness of hope in a culture of death! This campaign showed how brightly light can shine when it is courageously brought into the darkness.

Below are pictures from the Jericho March held on the last day of 40 Days for Life in Pensacola. May we continue to be a light, a witness to hope, to mothers in need in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility in Pensacola. Our work had not ended, it has only just begun.





















WOW! It has been an amazing 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola! Yesterday we heard about FIVE mothers choosing to save the life of their child this past week. This brings the total number of lives saved, that we know of, during this 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola to TWELVE AND the total number of documented lives saved since 2007 to ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR. Praise be to God! Thank you to each and every person and church that has participated in the 40 Days for Life campaign this fall. Your prayer and fasting have made the difference in the lives of many!

Last night a crowd of about one hundred people prayed the pro-life Stations of the Cross with Bishop Parkes. It was an inspiring evening for everyone who attended. Everyone was encouraged to keep coming out to the abortion facility to peacefully, prayerfully, lovingly reach out to mothers in need “Day 41 and beyond.” Even though 40 Days for Life ends tomorrow, our pro-life work does not end. The Emerald Coast Coalition for Life is here to coordinate local pro-life activities in front of the abortion facility from day 41 and beyond! Join us today by registering as a member of the Emerald Coast Coalition for Life at www.eccfl.org. Go to the contact us tab to sign up TODAY!

When you do, you will be connected to all the latest news, pro-life training, prayer vigils, and other pro-life activities taking place in our community!

Tomorrow, Sunday, March 29th at 3 PM we will close Pensacola’s 14th 40 Days for Life campaign with a Jericho March in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility at 6115 Village Oaks Drive. Join us as we march seven times in front of the abortion facility calling on God to end abortion in our community. Please DO NOT park in the “Bounce House” business parking lot. There are plenty of other parking spots in the area.







Help needed

Last Saturday I received a call from one of the former abortion facility workers we helped find a new job a few years ago. She was unfortunately laid off a few months ago. She has been able to find some part-time work close to her home. Unfortunately, she is without a vehicle which makes it difficult to make scheduled job interviews. Does anyone know of somebody that has a car they are willing to give away to help our friend out?

Also, if anybody knows of a medical assistant position in the area please e-mail us at [email protected] We have somebody looking for a new job.

We are also asking for prayers for a mother who courageously chose life for her twins a few weeks ago, but unfortunately lost them yesterday. She herself is in critical condition. Please pray for this mother.

We start off the final week of this 40 Days for Life campaign with HUGE news!

Since the first coordinated 40 Days for Life campaign in 2007, we have now received cumulative reports of 10,000 babies who are alive today because their mothers rejected abortion and chose life!


To God be the glory … great things He has done!

Watch this beautiful two-minute video to see many of the children who have been saved by the grace of God … and through your prayers and efforts. Click on the image below …

YouTube Preview Image

Friday, March 27th at 7 PM
Candlelight “Stations of the Cross” with Bishop Parkes
In front of the American Family Planning abortion facility at 6115 Village Oaks Drive in Pensacola

Saturday, March 28th at 8:15 AM
Closing Mass for the spring 40 Days for Life campaign
Little Flower Catholic Church, 6495 Lillian Hwy, Pensacola

Sunday, March 29th at 3 PM
Jericho March and Victory Celebration on the final day of the Spring 2015 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola.
Join us in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility at 6115 Village Oaks Drive in Pensacola.