Q: Does Prayer and Fasting really work?

A: Yes it does!

40 Days for Life does indeed work through the intercession of our Lord, Christ Jesus!
Just take a look at these numbers:

Join us this Tuesday, February 9th and Thursday, February 11th for two events as we kick-off the 2016 40 Days for Life campaign in Tuesday.

Kick Off Week Spring 2016

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As a mother and daughter drove away from the abortion facility in Pensacola on Thursday, the mother rolled down her window and said, “We changed our mind. We’re not going through with it.”

Praise God! Another baby saved from abortion and another mother spared from the pain of abortion!

Going to the abortion facility in prayer DOES save lives. You can be part of the largest world-wide life saving campaign to save lives from abortion, 40 Days for Life, beginning right here in Pensacola this Wednesday, February 10th. Choose your hours to pray on our online vigil schedule.
Here is the link: http://40daysforlifepensacola.com/scheduler.php

Please share this with everyone you know and encourage others to get involved. Questions, call or e-mail at 850-889-1035 or our contact form

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One week from today (February 10th), the life saving campaign of 40 Days for Life will begin. Go to our local vigil scheduler and sign up for your hours to pray today. Share this information with your friends on social media and encourage others to join you in this peaceful, prayerful, campaign that has saved thousands of life. Check out the video below which celebrates a life saved from abortion right here in Pensacola during the spring 2010 40 Days for life campaign!

Vigil Calendar Link: http://40daysforlifepensacola.com/scheduler.php

Mark Your Calendar

Here are two up coming events you will not want to miss. Please share this information with people you know. Share this information on social media.

40 DFL Spring 2016 Opening Candlelight Vigil

40 DFL Spring 2016 Stations of the Cross

As we all know abortions are tragically executed each Thursday and Friday by an abortion doctor who flyes into town and back out after the babies are dead and the mothers and fathers are wounded. Lately, it has become common that our family of eight has been experiencing some spiritual combat in the form of sickness that always seems to pop up the night before we are set to head out to pray and offer assistance at the abortion facility on Thurdays and Fridays. We have offered these occurances up and go back out when all are well again. Last night it was our six year old daughter that faced an attack from a fever virus that popped up just as we were laying out our clothes to go out to the abortion facility in the morning. As my daughter shivered with fever we made the decision once again that we would not go out to the abortion facility in the morning due once again to illness. As my six-year-old daughter sat in the bathtub shivering with fever and I poured warm water over her to stop her shivering she looked up at me with pitiful eyes and said, ” Mama, I’m going to offer up my suffering for the babies at the abortion facility that are going to die tomorrow.” I said that is a beautiful prayer and I wrapped her in a towel and got her into her pajamas and into a warm bed.
Fast forward to this morning, Friday morning we received a call from one of our prayer vigil participants letting us know that the abortion facility was not open today, clients were arriving for their abortion workers were at the clinic, and even security personal had showed up for work, but the abortion doctor did not show up and abortions are not taking place in Pensacola today! PRAISE GOD! When I told my daughter this morning she looked up once again at me with a smile this time she said, “MOM, JESUS DID THIS.”


Here are some local pro-life events to add to your calendar.

“Line the Street”
Peaceful, Prayerful, witness THIS Friday, January 15th from 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility. Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1490837321225434/

Respect Life Holy Hour
Friday, January 22nd from 7 PM to 8 PM
St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Pensacola
Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1498474117124734/

40 Days for Life Kick-Off Candlelight Vigil
Tuesday, February 9th from 7 PM to 8 PM
In front of the American Family Planning abortion facility at 6115 Village Oaks Drive in Pensacola

40 Days for Life
February 10th through March 20th
Peaceful prayer vigils daily from 6 PM to 6 AM in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility at 6115 Village Oaks Drive in Pensacola
Here is a link to the vigil scheduler to sign up to pray: http://40daysforlifepensacola.com/scheduler.php

One Month Away!

It’s hard to believe, but we are one month away from the next 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola! The next campaign begins on February 10th and continues through March 20th.
Will you help us with three things?
1. Will you help us spread the word to your friends, family, pastors, church groups, etc? Please help circulate this flyer through e-mail and other
forms of social media.
2. Take the time to pray and ask God how He wants to use you during this next campaign. How many hours can you give in prayer? E-mail us with your
hours and contact information. Our vigil coordinator will contact you directly to schedule your time(s) to pray. E-mail us at
our contact form or call 850-889-1035.
3. How can you help us promote this life saving program in our community?

spring 40 DFL flyer 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Pro-life community in the Pensacola area. We are witnessing a ghastly day at the American Family Planning abortion facility. Probably the worst we have ever seen it. The facility is so packed with abortion clients that there is no longer enough parking for them all in the parking lot and they are parking in other businesses nearby in order to obtain an abortion. THE TIME IS NOW TO PRAY AND TO STAND IN PEACEFUL PRAYER THERE! Your presence is desperately needed TODAY! These men and women need the BODY OF CHRIST to be there for them, to KNOW THERE IS HOPE AND YOU NEED TO BE HOPE BEARERS FOR THEM! I call on an urgent response from you this day. On behalf of our brothers and sisters so deceived by the evil one, caught up in a culture of death, COME TO THEIR RESCUE, STAND PEACEFULLY IN PRAYER TODAY AND OFFER help and hope. We have Pregnancy Resource information at the vigil site that you can offer to these moms and dads. What is needed most is YOU!
“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’Matthew 25

Worried Mother

We are often asked what are the best words to say to a mother walking into an abortion facility? It’s often a heart-felt greeting or a welcoming smile that catches their attention and draws them to you. This past Friday, as a young mother began her walk into the abortion facility, she noticed one of our sidewalk advocates offering her information about local resources. With some hesitation, she took this information and as he handed it to her he told her that Jesus loves her and her little baby. She continued walking to the entrance of the abortion facility. As she was being told by the security guards that her cell phone was not allowed in the building, another sidewalk advocate greeted her with a welcoming smile and a gentle invitation to speak with him. She waved back and smiled. This sidewalk advocate once again smiled, waved, and encouraged her to speak with him and she did!

As she approached the sidewalk advocate, he introduced himself to her. She said her name as well. The sidewalk advocate then proceeded to ask her if she was at the facility for a follow-up or for a procedure. She stated that she was there to have an abortion, but she she really did not know what she was going to do yet. She was trying to figure things out. Through conversation the sidewalk advocate learned that she had an ultrasound in the abortion facility was to be 9 weeks along. The conversation continued and she mentioned that she had a two year old daughter, a job, and that she was not married but had a boyfriend. She said that no one knew she was there and if her boyfriend knew that she was pregnant, he would not want her to go to the abortion facility. The discussion continued and the fact that her boyfriend would not want the abortion was focused on as a positive that perhaps she could consider talking to him and perhaps he would be supportive of her and the baby. If this were not the case the sidewalk advocate mentioned that there is support all over our community to help her, beginning with the wonderful pregnancy resource centers in our area. These centers, can not only assist at no cost, with diapers, formula, counseling, and assistance but would even help her with any needs she may have for clothing, toys, etc., for her two year old daughter. We offered to set up an appointment with a local pregnancy resource center and go there with her. She seemed interested, but unwilling to commit. We asked if she was a person of faith, and this was a turning point. (For most this is a point that women don’t want to touch on) however, for this woman this was a turning point. When asked if she had a faith background, she said YES, and this is why I am still not sure if I should do this or not. A true sign that prayer, the mercy of God, and our presence as a sign of Christ’s love was working in this woman’s heart. We talked about how the evil one, the deceiver wants her to be hurt and wants her baby to be hurt and that God wants life for them both. As she was open to prayer, we asked if she would like to pray with us. Five of us held hands with her and one sidewalk advocate began to pray over her. The mother began to cry, especially when we prayed that she would know that regardless of how her family might negatively react to her baby, she might know that she has the love and support of a family in Christ that is here right now for her and will continue to be here for her for life. We talked about the beautiful baby showers that we hold for moms, and asked if we could hold one for her. She was excited to hear this and smiled. We exchanged telephone numbers with her and told her that we love her and that we do not want to see her hurt. She then said she needed to get her money back and walked into the abortion facility again. The sidewalk advocates, encouraged her to stay strong and that we would be praying with her as she re-entered the building. Over two hours passed, because the abortion facility made her wait until all other clients were seen, she finally emerged from the abortion facility with her money back and most importantly with her baby still alive! However, she was left with one more hurdle before she was able to leave the abortion facility parking lot. Her car would not start. One of the sidewalk advocates who had originally talked to her upon arriving offered his booster cables which the security guards used to charge her battery. This provided an excellent opportunity for the security guards to witness our kindness to them and the mothers we serve.

As the mother we helped returned the booster cables, she thanked the sidewalk advocate. She then headed away from the abortion facility in Pensacola. On Friday in Pensacola, love, mercy, gentleness, and kindness touched this mother’s heart. To be a sidewalk advocate, you don’t need to have a memorized statement, you just need to come with love. You just need to be willing to love these mothers right where they are at, to cry with them, to let them know that they are not alone, and let them know that THERE IS HOPE.

Please continue to pray for this mother and us as we continue to help her! If you are interested in becoming a sidewalk advocate, please e-mail the Emerald Coast Coalition for Life at http://[email protected]

Day 41 And Beyond

Closing March Fall 2015

On Sunday, we closed the 15th 40 Days for Life campaign in Pensacola with a Jericho March. Miraculously the pouring rain stopped long enough to complete our closing event. At the end of the march, we called on Jesus to end abortion in our town. That’s what we have done for 40 Days as we prayed, for 40 Days as we fasted, for 40 Days as we peacefully vigiled, we called on God to end abortion in our town and around the world. Over these past 40 Days, because of your efforts and God’s grace, we were able to witness six (6) mothers choose life in Pensacola. Thank you, God!

So where do we go from here? Over the next few weeks the Emerald Coast Coalition for Life will be sending out information related to how you can continue to be involved with local pro-life efforts. Sadly, abortions continue to take place each week in Pensacola, so our peaceful, prayerful, woman-centered, Christ-centered efforts should not stop on Day 40. Our efforts must continue beyond day 40, each Thursday (7:30 AM to 4 PM) and Friday (5 AM to 12 PM) in Pensacola. Will you pledge with me to continue to go and pray in front of the local abortion facility at 6115 Village Oaks Drive in Pensacola? A peaceful, prayerful, presence is absolutely pivotal to overturning Roe v. Wade in our town. Each time a mother chooses life in front of the American Family Planning abortion facility, the abortion facility is defunded and life wins. Let’s continue to live our lives as saints, to bring life where there is death, to bring hope where there is despair, to bring love where there is hate. How we live our lives matters, and through God’s grace, may we, be His example of love and mercy, in front of a place that needs it most.

From 40 Days for Life National: During the past 40 days, many babies were so close to becoming mere statistics in the eyes of the world.

But because of your faith … and willingness to stand vigil as a witness to God’s love for those babies and their mothers … many of those children are alive this Monday morning.

We are still compiling reports … but so far, we know of …

… 543 babies who have been spared from abortion during this campaign!

That makes a total of 10,874 lives saved during 40 Days for Life campaigns … from 2007 until now.

Praise God!

Here are a few of their stories.

Richmond, Virginia

“We had two babies saved at Planned Parenthood in Richmond,” said Ann, the local coordinator.

“A lady gave me a thumbs-up as she pulled into the Planned Parenthood parking lot,” said one of the volunteers.

“She turned around in their lot and came to me with her window down,” he said. “She said our prayers saved her grandchild – her daughter decided to not abort. She was very emotional with happy tears. Glory be to God!”

Ann said the vigil is continuing to attract more people. One morning, four men showed up to pray – men the “regulars” didn’t recognize. “At least two of them were pastors,” they said. “They prayed without stopping for the whole hour – powerful prayer.”

One prayed, “I had no idea it was like this. I’m sorry Lord, forgive me – I didn’t know.”

“It was such a blessing,” Ann said. “I am so grateful to God. I’m happy to see us finishing strong!”

Las Vegas, Nevada

“We definitely had one saved baby last week,” said one of the 40 Days for Life volunteers in Las Vegas.

A couple left the abortion facility parking lot and stopped to talk to vigil participants … who told them about the nearby pregnancy help center where they’d be offered life-affirming options. They spent two hours talking to the counselors there – and never went back to the abortion business.

“One life saved,” the volunteer added, “is certainly worth all the effort!”

Hollywood, Florida

A young woman, arriving by bus, stopped to talk to one of the 40 Days for Life prayer volunteers. She had seen someone outside the abortion center with a sign advertising free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

The vigil participant told her those services were available at the pregnancy help center nearby – and he even offered to drive her there! The counselors at the center gave her the information she really needed.

“It was a beautiful thing,” one of the volunteers said. “I cried all the way home. One just never knows what can happen if you stand on the sidewalk and pray!”

As a bonus … here is one final 40 Days for Life devotional from Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life.

Day 41 intention

Pray that the witness of 40 Days for Life bears abundant fruit, and that we begin again each day to storm the gates of hell until God welcomes us into the gates of heaven.


He will wipe every tear from their eyes. On this rock I will build my church; the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

— Matthew 16:18

Reflection from Fr. Frank Pavone

When we read this verse, we usually think that the Lord is promising that the church, which is His Body, will withstand all the attacks launched against it.

Of course, that is true. But when we think about it more carefully, we realize that in a battle, the gates do not run out into the battlefield to attack the enemy. Rather, they stand still to defend the city from the enemy attacking it.

So when the Lord says that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church, who is doing the attacking?

It is the church storming the gates!

The church, all of God’s people in Christ, is called to take the offensive, to run into enemy territory, and to gain ground for Jesus Christ.

We do not wait for an invitation; we already have a command.

We prepare, but we do not wait for circumstances to be perfect; we already have one who has gone before us.

During these 40 days, we have stormed the gates. We have taken the offensive. We have pushed forward the boundaries of the kingdom. And we must keep doing so, in numerous ways.

Indeed, the gates of hell will not prevail. The gates of falsehood will flee in the presence of truth. The gates of sin will melt in the presence of grace. The gates of death will fall in the presence of the church, the People of Life!


Father, we praise you. We have heard the voice of your Son, and therefore we can make our voices heard.

We have done battle with the power of evil, and therefore we can have compassion on those still within its grip. We have been freed from the kingdom of darkness, and therefore we can bear witness to your Kingdom of Light.

May the witness of all your people through these 40 Days for Life bear abundant fruit, and may we begin again each day to storm the gates of hell until You welcome us into the gates of heaven.

We pray in the victorious name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.